Fasigal.com Review: Why This Fashion Store is UnReliable [Exposed]

Fasigal Review:
Is Fasigal.com a Scam or Legit clothing store? With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites e.t.c in order to save you from making wrong decisions. We have had a lot of readers sending mails asking about the authenticity of Fasigal Online store, this led to our review of Fasigal.com Online shop.

Our Review of Fasigal Ecommerce serves as an eyeopener. We hope it meets you well, and on time.

What is Fasigal.com?

Fasigal is an online store that claims to sell different types of female wears ranging from shirts, dresses, bangles, necklace, earrings, diamond rings e.t.c According to the header on their homepage, they are offering free shipping!

Fasigal Online Store is located on www.fasigal.com. Their contact details as written on their site is-

should you have a reason to worry about fasigal.com online store?

5 Reasons Why Fasigal Store is Not Worth Your Money

In as much as the well designed platform of this store would make you think they are the real deal, the truth however remains that some fraudulent online stores do pay huge money to have their ecommerce platform look standard and convincing. This is because they know what they stand to gain by looking topnotch.

During our in-depth investigation about fasigal.com we discovered the red flags listed below.

Alarming Discounts

A quick look at fasigal.com showed they are offering their products for unbelievable prices. The truth is that, this is the bait fake stores use in pulling customers.

Anonymous Lots

After a thorough background search on who the owner/owners of this store is, we came up with absolutely nothing. This alone is an indication that the people behind this online store don’t have genuine intentions. If they do, they wouldn’t be hiding their details from whois

Copied About Us page and Images

We all know that the ‘About Us’ page of every website is an important content that tells the plans of the owners of the site. When we checked this site using a plagiarizing tool, we discovered that they copied their ‘About Us’ page.

Same is applicable to their images. You only need to use ‘Google Search Image” to see the insincerity of this site. Online stores like this are a pain in the ass, as they hurt the earning of genuine sites.

No Security

Just like other scam online stores, kukhi site is un-secure to shop. Except for an SSL certificate, this site has zero security measures. We advise that if you have shopped from this site and provided your financial information, you should change your card password immediately.

This action will save your money from being stolen by scammers.

What Customers Have To Say About fasigal.com Site

Having listed all the cons of this site , it is important to read from those who had purchased from kukhi.com. We were not surprised when we discovered that their reviews were all negative. Below is how fasigal.com site works.

  • Once you make an order for their products, they will debit you, but they will never send you any product.
  • They wouldn’t respond to your mail, neither do they provide a tracking number.
  • When you try to reach them with the number on their contact Us page, they don’t respond or even reply your query form.

This could be quite frustrating to those affected.

The Truth About fasigal.com

fasigal.com is an Untrustworthy and unreliable online store. It is a pity that a thieving platform like fasigal.com exists.

If you have been scammed by these lots, we advise you to immediately file a report with your bank. This would stop these lots from tampering with your account details in the future.


  1. Glad I saw this article. After having to file 2 fraud complaints against another company, I decided to check this out first. Another scam site. Went shopping in a real discount store instead. TWO SITES YOU CAN TRUST ARE CHEWY.COM AND FILTERFAST.COM. THEY ARE REAL– the best!

  2. I did not received the 2 items I ordered from Fasigal . I had no response to the e-mail I sent. I do believe fasigal is a scam and it should be stopped.

    1. I also order 4 tops $87, I have received nothing, however I did get on email response stating on Feb 18th due to the volume of orders they where out ot stock and per their supplier expected to ship more in 15 – 18 days. My response was after I sent a 2nd email, stating “they had taken my money and charged my card” ?? I think I need to reach out to my bank, I don’t need this much hassle over cloths

      1. Same thing happened to me, but my credit card did not credit me back, fasigal.com allegations to my bank ; was that“ l voluntary participate in a study “ they are currently been under expectations. Their company name keeps changing. Beware

  3. I got ripped off by this company
    They put beautiful real life baby dolls for sale and you get a doll that looks like you got it from a dumpster they are under service doll

  4. Can you please look into Watoba. I believe they could be connected. They have the exact set up. I ordered from them and they sent me junk.

  5. Buyer beware do not order from this company a complete scam! Ordered 2 months ago when I contact them same reply ” order being processed do not worry will email tracking number”

  6. I also placed a order of $68.00 a month ago…Thats quite maddening..Honesty goes a long way..Just out of the money..

  7. I have ordered and paid for clothing from Fasigal. Five weeks later i have heard nothing from them. I did ask a question about this on their Facebook ad. I now find that my question has been deleted and i am blocked from making any further post on their page. I wish that i had read your link before my attemped purchase.

  8. Thanks for the info as I was planning to make a purchase but decided to check Fasigal out first, so glad I did. Thank you.

  9. Thank you, I’m usually very suspicious but got taken by the cuteness of the product. The first couple of emails I sent, they responded immediately, it’s been a month since I originally ordered, and now nothing!!!
    Cancelling my credit card, and I’ll be smarter the next time!

    1. I just checked my bank and there was an address for this scam company they charge as FABFASHION LTD 383 Hennessy Rd Wan Chai Hong Kong, I am contacting my bank ASAP and file a grievence and try to get my money back… I definitly do no want anything from them anyway. Coronaviruse is spread by touch.

  10. I placed two separate orders & after waiting 2 months for the first I emailed a request for a refund for both. I got both refunds.

  11. I Placed an order in January 2020 and have never received my order, I did email them twice, got one response stating they where out of supplies and expected to ship Feb 15 or 18th, I still have not received my order and am currently working with my bank to get my money back, per a previous comment left by Judi, her money was returned with a email request, I will try that and see what happens. I have been unable to post FB comments on their post, I have been blocked

    1. email did not work for me – I am out $90 and it really makes me mad. Now email comes back stating customer not available!!!!

  12. Do not EVER buy from Fasigal on line store.They are in China!You won’t be able to contact them,return,and get your money back!!! Product they are selling has nothing to do with what you see on pictures! Basically they are looking for naive people and stilling they money.
    I make comments on their FB side,and they BLOCK me! Be very careful! After this bad experience I won’t buy from any Chinese store ever again.My lost

  13. Scumbags. No products received. $130 removed from my account. Reported twice but they are still able to advertise on Instagram.

  14. Order was confirmed but after 6 weeks the product has still not been shipped. Now they tell me out of stock and it will be another few days before shipment. I sent a reply asking for a refund. Funny, but they still haven’t responded to my email 4 days later.

  15. You are right I ordered something more than a month ago & received a confirmation & they debited my account & I have sent 3 inquiries with no responses! Very frustrating. Now I know why!

  16. My order never arrived. It’s terrible that a “company” can rip off so many people with no recourse.Shame on them!

  17. They took my payment, adivised shipment would be 14 business days, nothing recieved, i followed up and they advised “dont worry…” items werenot in stock but they took my money and said they would advise once shipped. Its now been almost four weeks and nothing. I believe its a scam sie and unfortunate that Candy Crush Saga supports them.

  18. I have never been ripped off like this before. The name of the store is Fasigal. I have only had very very good results for years with these smaller sellers. “Such as Boom Makeup and Creams by Cindy Joseph”. She and her products are fantastic. What the F is this Fasigal?

  19. I am at this site looking for when my order might arrive. It sounds like I have been scammed too. Is anyone getting their orders? Pat vinson

  20. I ordered 2 months ago and haven’t heard a word. Debited my account and have not received a thing. Do NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!! How do I get my money back?????

  21. I bought a few things from fasigal.com Feb.15th. The payment $91.00 went thru on the 16th. Never got my clothes, sent 4 emails, kept copies, but they never answered.
    I would never have ordered from them if I had known about this site on checking them out.
    If something looks too good to be true it probably isn’t.
    So ladies, don’t order from this site. Crooked as crap.

  22. Oh garbage I guess I just lost 100 bucks! The money certainly was pulled out swift enough! ArghhhhhjThere goes my seniors spring wardrobe

  23. Yep got new card last week filed a fraudulent claim on my order .I kept seeing this ad come up on my solitaire games did for months why are they not taken off is my question .Never got my delivery date all emails and i fo disappeared DON’T ORDER

  24. Yes happened to me .my bank refused my fraud claim because i didn’t have enough proof i tried to contact them.Well you can’t nothing works. They deducted my amout right away charged me a international fee .This company is a scam

  25. I wish I had known this. I ordered I’m Early March . I received a couple items separately which I found odd..I have emailed but no response. No tracking . 160.00 down the drain !! I will get ahold of my bank! But what can they do it’s already paid.

  26. This company is a total scam! They took $97 and I got nothing!!! Along with an email from them apologizing for my items being out of stock but I received NO REFUND! Stay away

  27. Fasigal is the worst on line shop I’ve felt with. It makes me Leary about shopping on line again. I received no paper work at all. No answer when I wanted to return the clothes.

  28. I purchased two tops and didn’t like the way they fit. I wanted to return them. Got no answer at al, l I’ve sent three emails to them. There was no paperwork at all in the bag when those tops arrived so needless to say I don’t like shopping online.

  29. Order from thos company at the beginning of January. It is now May and I just received my order. I’m very disappointed! The cut of the product is nothing like the pictures and I ordered a size larger then they suggested and 2 out of the three barely fit.and the third one was too small. Ever if you wanted to return the items it would cost just as much to send them back as it cost to purchase. They will not pay for return shipping. I am so angry but I should have known better. Never trust a company out of China. Never again!!

  30. Fasigal sent me 5 items in different sizes from sm md lg and 2x…only 1 fits me and I cant a response about returns..dont trust them

  31. Agreed! Horrible Company! Really too bad as blouses and products look adorable! I ordered 3 shirts in January 2020. Just got 2 of them this week. Sizes run small. Emailed them twice with no response as yet. Did actually get credit for blouse that did not arrive so there is that…
    Took bad because their designs are really just adorable and perfect for this Florida gal…

  32. I ordered five items. I received them all at various times. Total of about five months time. All were acceptable except one that wasn’t at all what the picture indicated. I wouldn’t shop there again. I now check with trust pilot before I shop. I used pay pal so I hope that was secure.

  33. Yes I just got scammed. They insist that I recieved my order and the fact is I got 1 item out of 3 and it was crap! There was NO packing slip to return it and no way to contact them so my credit card and I are disputing it. These people SUCK!!! DO NOT SHOP WITH THEM!!!

  34. I ordered from this company in March 2020. I did receive all of my order except for one piece. I have been trying to get a refund for this one item as at first it was lost and then it was sold out so they would send a refund. I am still waiting. Three weeks ago they told me they need a PayPal account to refund to, so I sent it and have not gotten anything back yet. By the sounds of some of the other comments I was one of the lucky ones that at least got most of my order. Will never order here again.

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