Should You Order Ellie Lift Bra Or Not: How I Tested This Bust Lifting Bra

You must have come across ads for the Ellie Lift Bra while scrolling through Instagram and other social media channels With taglines like “Ready for a bra that fits?”

It can feel impossible to find the perfect bra that looks great and feels comfortable to wear all day long, especially if you’re shopping online and can’t try the bra on before ordering. The Ellie lift bra claims to offer bust lifting features but is it mere hype?

Are you curious about the authenticity and value of the Ellie Lift Bra? Dive into this review to discover more about this product.

Overview Of Ellie Lift Bra is an online store that sells the Ellie Lift Bra and other products. Some examples of the products they sell include lace cut-out bras for full figures, socks designed for warmth, leggings that sit high on the waist, jeans with a straight fit and stretchy material for men, pants that are waterproof, and tights lined with fleece on the inside.

One of the reasons shoppers are attracted to Ellie lift bra is because they offer a 70% discount when you purchase and the bras offer instant lift and support. However, there are so many things you must know about it before choosing it as your shopping destination.

My Experience Wearing The Ellie Lift Bra

I was nervous when I purchased the Ellie daisy bra based on reviews of this bra I read elsewhere. Most people didn’t like this bra because they claimed it was way too small. When my order arrived from, I quickly unboxed.

The only thing I like about the bra is that It’s stretchy so you have to put it on like a shirt. Aside that, there was also the problem of it being small. I ordered a size XL but it actually looked like a size X. Because of this, my breasts felt backed like squeezed burger.

The bra does not work as advertised and the crossover bands didn’t even cover let alone lift my bosom. It also offers absolutely no support. A total waste of money.

I admit I fell for the discount, and now I’m starting to realize they might not be as genuine as they seemed. I no longer want the bra; just want my money back.

Pros And Cons Of The Ellie Lift Bra


  1. It’s comfortable to wear.
  2. Gives good support.
  3. Makes bust look better.
  4. Material allows skin to breathe.
  5. Straps can be adjusted for a better fit.


  1. Not available in many colors.
  2. Does not fit all body types well.
  3. Customers receive wrong sizes of bra
  4. Costs more than some other bras.
  5. There are no reviews for the Ellie Lift Bra on Trustpilot.

Where To Buy

You can buy Ellielift from their official website and they offer 70% discount for each purchase. The bra is sold at different prices depending on the number of purchase.

Is A Scam

The website is an untrustworthy that was recently created on 9 Dec 2023 and will be expiring on 9 Dec 2024. The website’s company address 590 Durham Ridge Dr. NW, Lilburn, GA 30047 appears to be fake and this is a major concern. The only form of contact provided was their email address [email protected]. It’s important to shop from more reliable websites and steer clear of Might Not be the Best Choice to Buy Bra Due to These Reasons:

  1. Poor customer service: Many customers have complained about the company’s unsatisfactory customer service.
  2. Sizing issues: Despite following the size chart, the bra i received was much smaller compared to what i ordered.
  3. Low-quality manufacturing: The bras are made in China and are often seen as lower in quality compared to other options.
  4. New website: The website selling the bras is relatively new and therefore an unreliable website.
  5. Negative online reviews: There are many negative reviews online about the website’s selling practices, from lack of customer service to low quality of products.


It’s best to steer clear of the Ellie Lift Bra because bras received from the website are too small and lacks support. Moreover, the company’s customer service isn’t reliable and the fact that there are no reviews on Trustpilot is a red flag. It’s best to look for other bras that fit better and offer better support and service.

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