Can You Trust An Unbiased Elizabeth Bra Review

Curious about the details on Elizabeth Bra? Wondering if these bras live up to their comfort claims? I stumbled upon this wire-free bra online and thought I’d try it out. In this review, I’ll recount my journey of purchasing and wearing this bra, sharing my experience to help you make a well-informed decision.

Elizabeth Bra website

Overview Of Elizabeth Bra

Elizabethbra. com is an online women’s store selling comfy and stylish bras, pants, and shapewear for women at every life stage, especially seniors. They have different colors and sizes available; they also offer wire free bras which they manufacturers claim can shape and support the breasts without causing discomfort.

Ease of Wear: The bra’s front closure with two sets of hooks makes it effortless to put on and take off.

Sleek Back Design: Crafted for a smooth appearance, the bra features wide side wings, padded shoulder straps, and a U-shaped support.

Comfortable Elastic Fabric: With flexible material preventing discomfort and marks, the bra uses natural organic silk to regulate comfort.

My Experience Buying and Wearing Elizabeth Bra

I stumbled upon this seemingly fantastic deal, a buy “one get two free” offer on and I picked my American size, assuming it’s an American company with products just made outside the US.

However, the product took 16 days to arrive, testing it out, i discovered that the bras were not only the wrong size, but they felt like they were designed for a different species. Tight and uncomfortable, nothing like what I ordered. And let’s not even start on the material—it was like they used recycled cardboard or something.

Now, being a responsible shopper, I checked out the return policy on their website. Following their guidelines, I reached out to them, explaining the whole bra issue and politely asked for a return label for a full refund. Instead, they hit me with a 20% coupon for my next shopping spree and a partial refund.

I reminded them of their own policy and insisted on a return label and a full refund. Their response? A slightly better refund offer. At this point, I had enough and decided to complain to PayPal.

Surprisingly, PayPal had my back, and I ended up with a full refund. They didn’t even want the bras back. Now, they’re just sitting in my wardrobe.

Elizabeth Bra Pros: What I Like About It

  1. The buy one get two free felt like a sweet deal.
  2. The color of the bras was surprisingly nice.

Elizabeth Bra Cons: What I Don’t Like About This 5-D Wire free Bra

  1. Received bras in the wrong size, and they didn’t fit properly.
  2. Material quality turned out to be terrible.
  3. Following the sizing guidelines didn’t help; cup size was way too small.
  4. Company’s response to the return request was unsatisfactory.
  5. Offered a mere 20% coupon and partial refund initially.

Is Elizabeth Bra A Scam?

Not a scam per say I did receive my order however it came from China. However, there are red flags that stand out which makes this company’s activities untrustworthy. The delay in shipping and far from quality set of bras and the too perfect 5-star 1034 positive reviews from a website recently created on July 30, 2023, makes it an untrustworthy online store. Also, I noticed that seems to have copied content and product images from other well-known online shops and there are no details about the owner of the website. A customer complaint on Trustpilot said.

I followed their guidelines for sizing and these do not fit at all… cup size is way too small, but straps and back are overly loose…do not buy….I will trust the other review about hassles to get refund and will not bother…I will learn from this “too good to be true” warned folks.


What You Must Know Before Shopping From

1. Shipping and Delivery Times:

If you’re thinking about ordering from, keep in mind that their shipping times will take longer than expected. Mine took 16days to arrive.

2. Shipping Is From China

I thought it was an American company but turns out their warehouse is in Hong Kong. One of the reasons why their shipping takes longer.

3. Wrong Sizing

Bear in mind that you may receive the wrong sizing of whatever it is you order from this online store, In my experience and customer complaints online have reported similar experience.

4. Dishonest Refund Policies

Just a heads-up on their return and refund policy: If you’ve opened the product, they will only issue you partial refunds or a discount on next order just like Narakora bra, in my case I reached out to PayPal to get a full refund.

Where To Buy

You can only buy this bra from their official website as at the time of writing this review. They are currently offering 70% discount sales on their website.


Elizabeth bras prides itself as a company offering 5D wire free bras for your comfort, but my experience has been quite disappointing. While it claims to offer comfort and support without causing those annoying marks, there are some challenges with wrong sizing and terrible refund policies and copied website content, makes it an untrustworthy website.


  1. Is Elizabeth Bra a scam?
    • It’s not a scam, however the website is untrustworthy.
  2. Who’s the brain behind Elizabeth Bra?
    • They’re a bit mysterious on this one.
  3. Are they on social media?
    • Yes they are on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  4. Can I spill my sensitive info to Elizabeth Bra?
    • They’ve got security measures in place, but it’s not to be trusted either.
  5. What’s the deal with their money-back promises?
    • Elizabeth Bra’s have a 30 days money-back guarantee but customer complaints have reported that they don’t honour it.

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