Eden Skin Tag Remover: Should You Buy? An Unbiased Review

Do you have skin tags and moles? Are you looking for a way to get rid of them? Eden Skin Tag Remover claims to be an at-home skin tag solution that safely and completely removes skin tags. But does it work? This review will help you decide if it is worth your money. 

What Is Eden Skin Tag Remover

The Eden Skin Tag Remover is like a special serum for your skin. It’s made from natural stuff, not any weird chemicals. This serum is meant to help you easily get rid of skin tags, moles, and warts without hurting your wallet. This serum works on all skin types and, according to the company, it’s painless.

The Ingredients

what’s inside the Eden Skin Tag Remover:

  1. Sanguinaria Canadensis: This comes from a flower in North America. People have used it in traditional medicine for a long time.
  2. Zincum Muriaticium: This is just a fancy name for zinc, a mineral. It’s known for being good at keeping things clean and helping your body detoxify.
  3. Denatured Alcohol: This is basically alcohol found in some skin products. It can dry out your skin and mess with its natural protection, possibly causing irritation and acne.
  4. Salicylic Acid: Known for dealing with mild acne, especially blackheads and whiteheads. While it can help with acne scars and spots, there’s no proof it tackles skin tags or warts.
  5. Castor Oil: Often used in hair oils for hair growth. It’s good for treating acne, preventing wrinkles, and keeping the skin moisturized. However, there’s no evidence it works on warts or skin tags.
  6. Tea Tree Oil: A fighter against acne and nail fungus. It can also help with skin inflammation. Yet, there’s little info on its effectiveness in removing warts.

My Experince

I came across this product following the hype online but discovered it does not have an official website. It wasn’t available on Amazon either so i quickly headed to ebay where i bought a bottle for $27.95.

It’s been 7 days now and the tags appear to be a bit better or perhaps it’s placebo. I’m yet to see the amazing benefits promised and experience the glowing results users have raved about online. I’ll be sure to update then.

Eden Skin Tag Remover Pros: What I Like About It

  1. You won’t struggle with using it.
  2. It is not really expensive.

Eden Skin Tag Cons: What I Don’t Like

  1. It’s missing a proper and reliable website.
  2. There’s no solid evidence to back up what the company claims.
  3. It doesn’t really work on those skin issues.
  4. You can’t get your money back if it doesn’t work.
  5. There is not much real information available about the product.

Eden Skin Tag Remover – Does It Really Work?

According to various reviews, Eden Skin Tag Remover is said to be effective. However, it’s unclear where these reviewers got their information, especially since the official website lacks detailed data on the supplement’s effectiveness. The ingredients in this remover don’t seem to have solid scientific proof for removing skin tags and is not FDA approved. For example, while salicylic acid is good for dealing with acne marks, there’s no clear evidence that it can remove skin tags or warts.

Now, another thing to note is that they don’t tell us how much of each ingredient is in there. So, it’s hard to tell if it’s really doing the job of nourishing the skin.

Interestingly, the website itself doesn’t provide clear information about how well the Skin Tag Remover works. Clicking on links from reviews takes you to pages featuring different supplements, adding to the confusion. The website suggests that the supplement may not completely get rid of warts or skin tags; instead, it focuses on invisible marks. Therefore, the product might not work well on thicker warts or tags.

Is Eden Skin Tag Remover A Scam?

It has potential to be a scam. First off, there’s no real website, just a pic of the bottle. No legit info there.

Now, when it comes to reviews, they’re scarce, and the ones out there seem too excited, maybe too much. It leaves you wondering if Eden Skin Tag Remover is the real deal or a bit shady.

When you add all these bits up, it feels more like a scam than a legit thing.

A customer report said

This product did not work for me. Have been using it all week and still have skin tags.


What You Must Know Before Buying

1. Be Wary of Reviews:
Watch out for reviews that sound too positive and lack real experiences. Some reviews might be more about creating hype than telling you if the product actually works.

2. Different Stories in Reviews: The things people write in reviews online are quite different from what the official website says. This difference makes you question if the reviews are honest.

3. Don’t Believe Made-Up Stories: Trusting reviews with made-up stories can be risky. It might not only waste your money but could also be bad for your health.

4. SkinBiotix as Another Option: Check out SkinBiotix Skin Tag Remover as an alternative. It has got lots of good reviews, suggesting it might be a better and safer choice.

Where To Buy

You can buy the Eden Skin Tag Remover serum directly from their official website. Check out their pricing options:

  1. Single Bottle: Costs $64.95 per bottle, and you’ll get an extra bottle of Eden Skin Tag Remover for free. They also throw in free shipping.
  2. Double: Priced at $53.33 per bottle. Buy two bottles, get two additional bottles of Eden Skin Tag Remover for free.
  3. Triple: This one’s $39.99 per bottle. Grab three bottles, and they’ll toss in three more bottles of Eden Skin Tag Remover for free free shipping included.

How To Use

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on how to use Eden Skin Tag Remover:

  1. Clean it Up: Wash the area around the skin tag with a gentle cleanser to get rid of any dirt or oils. Just pat it dry afterward.
  2. Put on the Remover: Take a bit of the Eden Skin Tag Remover and apply it directly to the skin tag.
  3. Let it Soak In: Give it some time for the cream to fully soak in. Try not to touch or wash the area right after you put it on.
  4. Stay Consistent: For the best results, use the cream regularly as directed. Eventually, you should start to see the skin tag getting smaller and less noticeable.

Does It Have Side Effects

The Eden Skin Tag Remover may have potential side effects due to the undisclosed amounts of ingredients like salicylic acid and tea tree oil. High concentrations of these substances can harm and irritate the skin.

the SkinBiotix Skin Tag Remover contains scientifically proven ingredients for tackling skin tags and warts. Importantly, these ingredients are present in lower concentrations to avoid causing irritation to the skin.

How Long Till I See Results

When it comes to Eden Skin Tag Remover, the website doesn’t say anything about how long it takes to see results. But based on what we’ve talked about earlier, it doesn’t seem very effective against skin tags and warts – it’s more for dealing with acne marks and spots.

Is Eden Skin Tag Remover Safe

People who tried Eden Skin Tag Remover mentioned that after a week, their skin got red and rashy. But, there’s no clear info on whether the product is safe to use or not.

Can Eden Skin Tag Remover really get rid of skin tags?

Well, based on what people are saying, it seems like this stuff might only work on those tiny, hard-to-see tags. But, some folks who tried it say they didn’t notice any changes on their skin.

Return policy

Some reviews say the company has a money-back thing going on, but you won’t find it mentioned on their website.

How Do I Reach Out Customer Service

The company does not have a website so there’s officially no way to reach out to them.

Our Top Picks

Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away Skin Tag Remover is the first one you can use at home that got the FDA nod. It helps your body handle skin tags by calming things down and getting the blood flowing. Easy to apply directly where it’s needed.

Clear Skin Tag Remover goes the natural route to kick out imperfections on your face. It’s quick and efficient, making your skin look great without the need for surgery. The ingredients keep the bad stuff away, and it’s a budget-friendly solution that targets the root of your skin issues.

Defy Skin Tag Remover uses natural stuff to zap imperfections and marks on your face. It works super quick, it’s an affordable solution that keeps you looking good and tackles the root cause of your skin issues.


From thorough investigation, Eden skin tag remover doesn’t seem like the most trustworthy choice. People are saying it might not work well, and there’s some shady stuff with the lack of clear info. Maybe not the best option out there.

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