Dollar Tree Data Breach Class Lawsuit: Is It Legit Or A Scam

Did you hear about the Dollar Tree Data Breach Class Lawsuit? It is not a scam.

Zeroed-In Technologies is in trouble, they are facing a class action lawsuit over a data breach that messed with nearly two million people, including the crew at Dollar Tree and Family Dollar.

Well, Zeroed-In is getting called out for not playing the cybersecurity game right. They’re accused of dropping the ball when it came to protecting the goods, leading to the Dollar Tree and Family Dollar data breaches. It’s like not having a security guard at the digital door, and now they’re facing the consequences in court.

Who Is Behind The Dollar Tree Data Breach Class Lawsuit

it’s not looking good. Nearly two million people, including Dollar Tree and Family Dollar crew, had their names, birthdates, and even Social Security numbers up for grabs in this data breach.

Now, Zeroed-In, the supposed guardian of this info, exposed it all. They didn’t give us the full details on whether they caught the cyber-culprits, if there was any ransom drama, or if the stolen info is hanging out on the dark web.

How Much Is The Settlement

There is no settlement amount for now. As a consolation prize, Zeroed-In threw out Single Bureau Credit Monitoring for those affected.

A fed-up customer took Stanley Steemer to court, waving the class action lawsuit flag. The angry customer is throwing around words like “legal duty” and “equitable duty,” basically claiming Stanley Steemer didn’t do what they were supposed to do to protect our sensitive details. According to them, Stanley Steemer didn’t even bother with basics like encrypting or redacting this super-sensitive info.


 Biles v. Zeroed-In Technologies LLC, et al., Case No. 2:23-cv-01139, is not a scam. Just like Hershey Data Breach, Zeroed-In, the cloud-based HR analytics whiz, got its hands on workforce data. Now, the lawsuit claims that this date breach exposed info from people who were just trying to land a gig at Zeroed-In or its buddy Dollar Tree.

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