Dirtea Boxset Reviews {2023} Do These Products Really Work? Find Out!

Do you care about your health and want to boost your immune system? Are you considering buying Dirtea Boxset to give you a natural energy boost, whilst helping to promote healthy skin. Go through this Honest Review to find out if it really works or a sham.

What Is Dirtea All About?

Dirtea offers organic teas, coffees and cacaos for natural energy, focus, immunity, skin and calm. The Dirtea boxset will give you all the natural energy and immune support you need whilst leading you to being more creative, less stressed, with better sleep and more connected to the world around you. Our full solution of mushrooms to target and transform your Mind, Beauty, Health, Physical Performance and Sleep.

Sounds interesting right? But are these claims true?

Does Dirtea Really Gives You Energy And Immune support?

Yes but some users of the products left some positive reviews on Trustpilot expressing how pleased they are with the products while majority complain of not receiving their order after payment.

See what some users have to say –

Amazing products. Have tried all of them. Reishi actually helped me with a bacterial infection of my throat (tonsilitis) – my GP prescribed antibiotics however I chose not to take them and rely on the dirtea reishi instead. I immediately felt relief less than 2 hours later, and I was completely free of the infection only 3 days after that (compared to the entire course of antibiotics). Since Reishi and Chaga, I don’t even get ill anymore. Additionally, lion’s mane really helped with my ADD. I feel impeccably focused especially during the afternoons when my attention starts to go downhill. The lion’s mane is also a great replacement for caffeine, as it does not cause any of the side effects stimulants do (e.g shakiness, anxiety etc). Overall, have tried all the products and have loved every single one every time.

Lea Yerevanian

I have placed my order on the 7th of August, 2022, it was suppose to arrive within a week. I haven’t received any updates since, no tracking information, the product hasn’t arrived. There is no phone number for the company. I tried to contact the company by email and on social media but received no response. I have now seen quite a few other people making similar claims to mine – wish I read the reviews first. Very disappointing that you ignore your customers like this…


This is going to remain a one star until I receive the other half of my £70 order that is missing. Sent a couple emails now, not had any response or even automated email of receipt. Very poor customer service. Really disappointed thus far with this company.

Pooki Onslaught


  • All Day Energy – no jitters or crashes
  • Sharpens Focus
  • Strengthens Immune System
  • Hydrates Skin & Anti-Ageing
  • Improves Sleep
  • Soothes Stress & Anxiety


  • Has tons of customers negative reviews online.
  • Some customers complained of not receiving what they paid for.
  • Has poor customer support system.


From all indications, Dirtea boxset claims to offer organic teas, coffees and cacaos for natural energy, focus, immunity, skin and calm. However, there are tons of customers negative reviews online and poor customer support system. Therefore, customers should tread with caution.

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