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Dealshopzoid Review: Why is Scam! [REVIEWED]

Interested in buying bicycles or drones from Read this review to find out if Dealshopzoid is scam or legit online store.

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing websites, products, stores, e.t.c for our reader’s financial safety.

This review exposes everything you need to know about Dealshopzoid, and why it is likely fraudulent.

What is

Dealshopzoid is a shopping website that sells variety of items like electric scooters, full-body massaging chair, rechargeable juicer, WIFI extender, e.t.c. This online store is currently offering a clearance sale of 80% off all items.

But is it worth it? or is this another ‘cheap price of items‘ scam?

5 Suspicious Things About

During our research we discovered some disturbing things about this website. They include the following-

No Contact Details has not provided means with which customers can contact the store. There is no phone number, email or even a return address. This is quite suspicious. Trustworthy online stores always make their contact information available to the public. That way, customers can call or send a message if they have any issues with their purchase.

Customer Reviews

Dealshopzoid website does not make provision for customer reviews. In fact, when a buyer shops from this store, there is no option to rate the experience or drop a review.

This doesn’t look good. Trustworthy stores are always transparent about their transactions. For Example in Amazon and Aliexpress, buyers can easily see reviews left by customers and decide for themselves if the seller is worth the buy. Customer Complaints

Costumers who shopped from this store have left reviews online stating that the items bought on this store was not delivered.

Also, they’ve been unable to contact the store, or get a refund from Paypal. All efforts to get their money back has not been successful because these scammers have cleverly outsmart Paypal.

A dissatisfied customer has this to say about Dealshopzoid-

I have placed one order there and payment is already done but still I have not received any confirmation from their side and don’t know what will happen to order??”



This store offers it products for discount prices. In reality, this is how fraudulent stores work. The affordability of their products serves as bait to attract unsuspecting buyers.

No Reachability has no social media presence. Trustworthy stores use social media to advertise their wares and also connect to their customers. This makes it easier to listen to and resolve customers’ complaints through social media handles.

Is This Website Legit?

From the crucial points noted above, does not have the traits of a legitimate online store. This store lacks transparency and provides no contact information. Clearly, the cons of shopping from Dealshopzoid outnumbers the pros.

Conclusion: is not a reliable online store to shop from. It is an untrustworthy online store and not recommended by us.

At the end of the day, just like Charmitata, Sareedzire, customers don’t receive the items paid for. Shopping from this store exposes customers to the risk of hacked credit card and overcharged fees.

Have You Been Scammed?

Have you been ripped off by a fraudulent online store? Don’t panic! The first move is filing a complaint to your bank and request for a new credit (debit) card. On the other hand, if you used Paypal as a method of payment, you should contact Paypal and provide proof of transaction.

It is true that online shopping has made life easier, however when ordering things online check out the following-

How old is the website? Does it provide return address? Are there customer reviews online? Do the social media icons work?

Always remember you can get the items from trusted sellers on Amazon, like the ones provided above. One of the advantages of shopping from amazon is the return policy. You can always return your items and get your money back if you are not satisfied with your order.


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