DB Research Text Message- Another Scam!

If you received a text message claiming to be from DB Research survey, you should read this.

A text message has been circulating, asking if you would vote to re-elect President Trump if the election were held today.

You might be wondering if it is a scam or not as it allegedly comes from a survey centre called DB Research.

If you have received such message, the best thing to do is to completely ignore it.

Firstly, DB Research has released the following notice on their website

PLEASE READ: Recently, several individuals have contacted our company about a survey sent to their cell phones attributed to “DB Research.” THIS SOLICITATION IS NOT FROM OUR COMPANY.

We do not know who sent out those texts, but they did not come from David Binder Research. We advise anyone receiving this solicitation to disregard it. This is in no way affiliated with our company. This matter is being investigated.

Secondly, from our experience, we know how text messages like the one you received works.

If you attempt to send a reply, you would be lured with monetary prize and might even have to part with your banking information. However, you wouldn’t receive the cash prize promised, and your financial information might be tampered with.

So, stay away from such text messages. They are called phishing scams. Though they might appear legit, they are nothing but scam.

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