Cup Loan Reviews {2023} Scam Or Legit? Read To Know!

Have you heard of Cup Loan Loans? A  loan program offered by the United States military to active-duty service members. Are you wondering if it’s legit or another scam? Go through this article to find out how it works.

What Is Cup Loan All About?

 It is a payday loan or a salary advance provided to the members of the force, but due to its nature, the cup loan is just for small financial emergencies.

Those eligible for this loan are US military members who are active and still in the service.

What Does The “Cup” In Cup Loan Mean And Stands For?

“Cup” here means Cash Unrealized Pay. It means a loan program that provides military members with access to their earned but untaxed military pay before payday. This can be helpful for service members who are facing unexpected financial difficulties or who need to make ends meet until their next payday.

How Cup Loan Works?

It is a loan program that is being provided to eligible US military members to help them sort out small financial issues or emergencies. It was never meant for any specific use when the loan facility was launched.

Is Cup Loan Legit?

Yes, it is. This loan has helped many United States Military to be able to provide for their needs before their payday.

Many of the cup loan beneficiaries have been using the loan to buy kitchenware. For this reason, it is now known that the loan is for kitchenware.

Nevertheless, It is worthy of note that the CUP loans are considered debt and must be repaid. It is an advance in some way which will be deducted at the end of the month, payday.


Cup Loan program being a loan program that seems to a big flex for United State military force. However, Just like any credit, It is important to note that CUP loans are considered debt and must be repaid and there is a penalty for late repayment of your loan.


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