Copper Bullet Hose Reviews {2023} Don’t Buy Before Reading This!

Are you a gardener? Have you heard of Copper Bullet Hose? Are you looking for reviews about it to know if it is scam or legit? Search no further, read this detailed Copper Bullet Hose to know it is worth you money or not.

What Is Copper Bullet Hose All About?

Copper Bullet Hose also known as Pocket Hose Copper Bullet is a 25-foot garden hose that’s been infused with copper. Just like the copper plumbing inside your walls, this lightweight hose helps keep your water outside lead-free. Plus, the connectors are 20% larger and feature an ultra-durable ABS connector protector.

Interestingly, Copper Bullet Hose is made with Aqua Handle that is the most comfortable way to water your lawn, ergonomically designed with an easy ON/OFF dial and pivoting handle, it adjusts to water at any angle.

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Are is Copper Bullet Hose Made With?

It is made with 3x stronger anti-tear exterior fabric and an inner tube with three layers of tough latex. Therefore, you never have to worry about kinks, knots, tangles, or tears! Just turn on the water and watch Copper Bullet go—in just a few seconds, it grows to a full-size ¾-inch power hose. When you’re finished, just turn the water off and the Copper Bullet squeezes itself dry as it puts itself away. It’s no hassle.

Features Of Pocket Hose Copper

  • Anti-Burst Tubing
  • Anti-Tear Fabric
  • Safe for Drinking
  • Easy to Maneuver

Is Copper Bullet Hose Good for Gardeners?

Yes, to an extent. Copper Bullet Hose claims to be lightweight, convenient, perfect adjustable nozzle, definitely looks ‘coiled’ when water pressure is drained. If so, it is an excellent material for gardeners. However, it seems to take a lot longer to get rid of the water in order to shrink.

What I Like About Pocket Hose Copper

  • Grows from pocket size to supersize
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Lead-free, drinking water safe

What I Don’t Like Pocket Hose Copper

  • It does not give the settings of a regular nozzle
  • The measurement is not up to 50ft as claimed


Pocket Hose Copper claims to be an excellent material for gardeners. Made with Aqua Handle that is the most comfortable way to water your lawn, ergonomically. However, some users complained that it does not give the settings of a regular nozzle. Therefore, potential customers should tread with caution.

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