Clear TV Review: Is this Digital HD Indoor Antenna a Scam? Find Out!

Does this TV antenna really capture free digital and HD signal? Are the words on merely a bait or would you watch 4K TV free with Clear TV antenna? find out from this review.

2021 has been a hit back to back when it comes to movies and series. This 2021 gave us Malignant, Squid Game, and now Dune. And honestly, this is the right time to have an antenna that allows you access many popular TV channels. This is what Clear TV promises.

Sadly, it all seems to be bogus words. Below are reasons why Clear TV isn’t worth the $19.99 price.


The Clear TV HDTV Antenna advertises a range of 35 miles and claims to be compatible with 1080p and 4K resolution signals alike. However, this isn’t what we experienced when we put it to test.

ClearTV will enable you to watch only what is termed as “local channels” absolutely nothing more. It couldn’t penetrate the added obstructions of houses and trees, delivering fewer overall channels and less consistent picture quality.


The advertisements for this antenna are all hype and speak of no meaningful specs such as effective mileage range or amplified or non-amplified.

The advertisements give you high hopes, but the reality is far from good. It is merely an attempt to take advantage of people who don’t understand the still fairly new digital signals that our TVs are receiving now.


With over 500 reviews on Amazon, Clear TV doesn’t live up to its hype. Majority of users have left reviews indicating that the so called HD antenna is just a piece of junk. It doesn’t capture up to 40 channels as claimed.

Below is what a user has to say about ClearTV antenna –

Read the fine print before you buy. I got 21 channels, not what was advertised. I had paid $19.99 for one, the other was free, paying $7.99 shipping on each. Would cost more to return. They offered me $7.50 back and to keep them. I am so mad that I wasted my time and money on this.


Is a Scam?

We wouldn’t call the website a scam, however one thing is certain – it uses misleading advertisement to bait unsuspecting buyers. At the end of the day, Clear TV antenna is no miracle Digital HD antenna.

The marketers are definitely trying to deceive the public as to what they are selling and actually should be fined by the FTC for their commercials. Clear TV is nothing more than an over the air cheap antenna.

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  1. Thank you for the info. I was thinking about purchasing but wanted to find out what people thought about it. A few clicks of my keypad just saved me some money and aggravation.

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