Is The Clear Ketchup Real Or Fake? What I Discovered

Videos have gone viral on social media of Heinz selling Clear Tomato Ketchup. In the viral video, you will see a clear gel-like substance coming out of the ketchup bottle.

You may think the product is real as it appears to be from a grocery store but that’s not the case. The established company is not selling the product in reality.

The Clear Tomato Ketchup: How It Started

A user on X formerly Twitter with username @messedupfoods, shared a TikTok video that they found on Instagram from user supparay14k. The video shows some guy picking up Heinz Clear Tomato Ketchup at a store.

However, what’s interesting is the bottle has a picture of a grey tomato instead of the usual red one to make it look real. In the clip, the guy even squeezes the bottle to show that this ketchup is supposed to be clear, not the usual red stuff.

Is the Clear Ketchup Real Or Fake?

No it’s not real. When I checked Heinz’s official website, they made no mention of this ketchup. If you carefully take a look at the video, you will notice that there is no Heinz Clear Tomato Ketchup in the ketchup section. The person behind this basically did so to go viral.

Why The Clear Ketchup Is A Fake Tomato Paste

Customer Complaints

There are customer reviews about the product on X( formerly called Twitter). Netizens compared the product to a sanitizer and others said they were dissatisfied and not a value for their money.

No Special Section

There’s no sign of a special section for Heinz Clear Tomato Ketchup in the video. It seems like the product might have been put on the shelf with the regular red Heinz ketchup bottles.

Fake Label

The bottle has a picture of a grey tomato instead of its signature red one to make the product look more legit. 

How To Know The Original Heinz Clear Ketchup

Heinz took action against fake ketchup by using color swatch labels. Basically, they added a specific shade of red (like a color code) to their labels. This way, they could easily tell if someone tried to fill their bottles with a different, non-Heinz sauce.

The agency found that 97% of people could tell real Heinz from fake, leading to a 73% drop in using non-Heinz ketchup and a 24% rise in choosing Heinz in street food spots.

If you grab a ketchup bottle and notice a big gap in color between the red border and the actual ketchup inside, chances are it’s not the real one.


Heinz Clear Ketchup is a fake sauce that has gone viral on TikTok. It is safe to say that the product is not real. As of now, the company hasn’t said anything about releasing this product.

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