canksale online store image Review: 5 Reasons Why Canksale Store is Untrustworthy {Risky}

Canksale Review: Is a Scam or Legit online store? With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites e.t.c in order to save you from making wrong decisions. We have had a lot of readers sending mails asking about the authenticity of Canksale Online store, this led to our review of Online shop.

Our Review of Canksale Ecommerce serves as an eyeopener. We hope it meets you well, and on time.

What is

Canksale is an online store that claims to sell different types of products ranging from laptops, stilettos, bicycles, phones, and many more. According to the header down their homepage, they are offering free shipping for orders over $29.95!

Canksale Online Store is located on Their contact details as written on their site is-

should you have a reason to worry about online store?

5 Reasons Why Canksale Store is Not Worth Your Money

In as much as the well designed platform of would make you think they are the real deal, the truth however remains that some fraudulent online stores do pay huge money to have their ecommerce platform look standard and convincing. This is because they know what they stand to gain by looking topnotch.

During our in-depth investigation about we discovered the red flags listed below.

Alarming Discounts

A quick look at showed they are offering their goods for unbelievable prices. The truth is that, this is the bait fake stores use in pulling customers.

Anonymous Lots

After a thorough background search on who the owner/owners of this store is, we came up with absolutely nothing. This alone is an indication that the people behind this online store don’t have genuine intentions. If they do, they wouldn’t be hiding their details from whois

Copied About Us page and Images

We all know that the ‘About Us’ page of every website is an important content that tells the plans of the owners of the site. When we checked this site using a plagiarizing tool, we discovered that they copied their ‘About Us’ page.

Same is applicable to their images. You only need to use ‘Google Search Image” to see the insincerity of this site. Online stores like this are a pain in the ass, as they hurt the earning of genuine sites.

No Security

Just like other scam online stores, Canksale site is un-secure to shop. Except for an SSL certificate, this site has zero security measures. We advise that if you have shopped from this site and provided your financial information, you should change your card password immediately.

This action will save your money from being stolen by scammers.

What Customers Have To Say About Site

Having listed all the cons of this site , it is important to read from those who had purchased from We were not surprised when we discovered that their reviews were all negative. Below is how Canksale site works.

  • Once you make an order for their products, they will debit you, but they will never send you any product.
  • They wouldn’t respond to your mail, neither do they provide a tracking number.
  • When you try to reach them with the number on their contact Us page, they don’t respond or even reply your query form.

This could be quite frustrating to those affected.

The Truth About is an Untrustworthy and unreliable online store. It is a pity that a thieving platform like this exists. Their standard website is just a ploy to deceive you!

If you have been scammed by these lots, we advise you to immediately file a report with your bank. This would stop them from tampering with your account details in the future.


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  1. I ordered a power tool set, never recieved it, when i emailed them I did get replys each time, with a run around story, and they did give me a tracking number, when i did track it, i couldn’t make sense of most of it, any i tried one more time and it said that it had been delivered on june 15th, still i had not recieved it, however i did get another package which was a knock off Louis Vuitton wallet, which i did not order, i got to wondering about it, i hadent been able to figure out who shipped it, however it did have a item number on the shipping lable, it ended up matching the tracking number of the tools, I’m going to try to get this all straightened out but i dont hold much promise in it, thank you for your time.
    Becki Teague

    1. Same thing happened here except my tools ended up being a copy of a Gucci clutch purse w/o the green and red flap cover that is their signature colors of Gucci. I am out almost $60.00 for being a dumbass.

  2. I ordered power tools over a year ago maybe closer to two. Never received. Said they were dilivered to my post office whitch didnt happen. Then said they would reship. Riped off again.

  3. Hi my name is LaDean Turner and I ordered a 50-inch4kultra HD smart led tv but I never received my order I also have a lot of other stuff I ordered online but never received any of the orders I have a list of tracking number that I can’t seem to track and the name of the people and websites please can someone help me because I spend about $7,000 or more and I got nothing in return

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