City Lips By City Beauty Review: Does It Give Your Lips A Plumper Look? Read This

If you’re looking for a solution to achieve plumper and luscious lips, then you must have come across City Lips. This lip plumper has quickly become a popular choice in the beauty industry. Is it worth the hype?

In this review, i’ll share my experience using this lip gloss and help you make an informed decision.

Overview Of City Lips

City Lips by City Beauty is a lip gloss that makes your lips look fuller and bigger using ingredients like hyaluronic acid and peptides. These ingredients help lips look fuller and more plump. This lip gloss have won two housekeeping award therefore I was eager to try it out.

My Before And After Experience Using City Lips

So i saw a videos online and read some reviews on Reddit, I’ve tried the nourish max lip plumper and didn’t really notice any difference. With skepticism I decided to order on Amazon Uk. My order arrived in 5days. I liked the shine and it lasted a few hours.

No instant plumping for sure. Hoping I will see a difference after another week or two. Tingles a bit the first few times you use it, but that goes away. The shine creates an illusion of fullness, which is nice, but you’re not going to get an injectionless pout unless you’re allergic to the ingredients

Also, if you put on a lot, it forms sticky strings when your lips part. On the other hand, it takes only a tiny amount to get a nice shine going, and it’s the longest-lasting gloss I’ve ever tried, which almost makes it worth the price.


  1. I love the shine
  2. Helped to make my lips fuller


  1. No instant plumping as marketed
  2. The shine doesn’t last

Where To Buy

You can buy City Lips from Amazon or Sephora. The price is different on these websites but it’s between $39. There is currently a BOGO sale going on which allows for discount when you buy city lips.

Is City Beauty City Lips A Hoax?

Yes it is worth the hype. Although the brand city beauty have product won two Good housekeeping awards, we cannot overlook the customer reports made about this brand on Trustpilot. Which range from deceptive marketing to terrible refund policies.

so, not really happy with the products : serum dries the skin and the lip gloss: well…. just a glorified expensive lip gloss: it is just a lip gloss!!! So I left a review (negative) they responded with a message “customer service will contact you”. Guess what… I contacted them after 3 weeks as no news and what they responded with : return authorisation… It will cost me more to send these crap products back then the actual refund. WHAT A JOKE OF A COMPANY!!! DO NOT BUY.



In conclusion, City Lips makes your lips look bigger and hydrated. It has nice colors that stay and isn’t sticky. Plumping doesn’t last forever just like LipSmart and results vary. You should also consider customer reviews before buying this product.


  • Q: What age is good for using City Lips?
    • A: People of all ages who want plumper lips can use this lip gloss, but if you’re worried, talk to a skin doctor.
  • Q: Can I put City Lips under lipstick?
    • A: Yes, use it before lipstick for bigger, hydrated lips. Or wear it alone for a natural, shiny look.
  • Q: Is City Lips okay for sensitive skin?
    • A: it is gentle, but check by testing a little bit on your skin first if you’re sensitive.
  • Q: How long does plumping last?
    • A: The plumping lasts a few hours, based on how you use it and your own body.
  • Q: Is City Lips tested on animals?
    • A: No, it is not tested on animals.

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