Change Healthcare Cyberattack Lawsuit: Is It A Scam? Find Out

Did you hear about the Change Healthcare Cyberattack Lawsuit email? It’s not a scam.

There’s been a cyberattack on United Health’s Change Healthcare, and it’s causing some serious issues for pharmacies and health systems all over the U.S. Apparently, some big-time threat actor linked to a nation-state managed to breach Change Healthcare, and that’s what’s causing all the chaos.

Who Is Behind The Change Healthcare Cyberattack Lawsuit

United Health’s Change Healthcare is still down after getting hit by a cyberattack in late February. This whole mess is wreaking havoc on pharmacies and health systems all across the country. Apparently, some shady character connected to a nation-state managed to breach Change Healthcare’s systems. It’s a real headache for everyone involved.

How Much Is The Settlement

There is no settlement amount for now

Change Healthcare has been giving updates since the cyberattack, and they’re pretty confident that the systems for United Health, UnitedHealth Group, and Optum weren’t affected. These guys merged with Change back in 2022. United Health chimed in too, saying in its filing with the SEC that they don’t think this incident is going to mess up their financial situation or how their operations go down.

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