Celebration-gift-shop.com Scam Job Offer: Don’t Fall Victim!

Have you received a call or email from Celebration-gift-shop.com offering you a reshipping job? Beware! the job offer is not legit as it seems. There’s a lot of fraudulent practices and fake claims behind the scene.

We’ll be wriitng a concise review of how Celebration-gift-shop.com job actually works, red flags, and warning signs of employment scams.

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Celebration-gift-shop.com Job Scam: How It Actually Works

The employment scam begins with an unsolicited job offer either via email or telephone number. They offer to pay up to $3,850 a month. The job description is simple ‘you would send you packages, which you’d examine for damages, and then ship it off via fedex UPS or USPS store.

However, in the real sense, it is a reshipping scam. A reshipping scam is a bogus job for which a third-party victim is “hired” by a fraudster. The unsuspecting victim is promised payment for receiving illegally obtained packages at one address, then shipping them to a different address.

The scammer uses stolen credentials to make a purchase, but has the goods shipped to your address. You received the packages at home, then get paid to forward them to another address. It may seem like a great work-from-home opportunity, but reshipping is a scam.

Other Ways Celebration-gift-shop.com Might Scam You

Aside from getting you involved in an illegal transaction, they’d fail to send you the amount you earned. They might also request that you pay a certain ‘training fee’ or ‘upgrade fee’ before you receive your first salary. However, once you make the payment, the scammers wouldn’t pay you a dime.

We’ve seen this exact scenario play out many times.

What Are The Red Flags of This Website?

If you’re considering giving Celebration-gift-shop.com a trial, here are red flags we discovered while investigating the website.

  • Who.is domain registry show that Celebration-gift-shop.com was registered on September 2023 (barely few months ago). This means the business has not built any reputation whatsoever.
  • The address listed on the website ‘17800 Castleton St #188, City of Industry, CA 91748, United States (Puente Hills Bu’ is a very busy business center. When we contacted the building lease offer, he couldn’t confirm the presence of Celebration-gift-shop.com.
  • The website though designed to look professional has non-working pages. Aside the homepage, other pages don’t work. This is quite questionable and raises brows.

What To Do If You Received Celebration-gift-shop.com Job Offer

Don’t Accept The Job

Do not make any promises or accept the job no matter how tempting the pay is.

Avoid Providing your Info

The scammers might look for clever ways to get your sensitive data. No matter how legit a prospective job offer looks, do not provide sensitive information like your DATE & YEAR of birth, Social security number, or bank account information.

If the text or email contains a link, do not click on it as it could be malicious. Often times, hackers pose as job recruiters to gain access to their victim’s data. Clicking on the link might install a malware on your device that’d easily steal sensitive and confidential data.

Report The Scam and Create Awareness

The final step you should take is to report the Recruitment scam to law enforcement agencies in order to stop the scam and create awareness. You can do to the FTC via  ReportFraud.ftc.gov or Internet Crime Complaint Center.

Warning Signs of Employment Scams

1. If You’re Asked To Pay Money

 Legitimate employers and hiring managers don’t require an application fee or expect you to pay for training. Sometimes this fee can be labelled ‘equipment fee’ for training. Whatever name it is, don’t fall for it.

2. Upfront Requests for Sensitive Information

Sensitive information (like your social security number, date of birth, or bank account information) isn’t a part of early recruitment process. Eventually, your employer will need this information for taxes and benefits enrollment, but only after you have a written job offer and sometimes not until your first day on the job.

3. Impersonates a Recruitment Company

In order to gain your trust, the scammers often use the name and brand of known recruitment companies. The first thing you should do is to search for the company’s official email address online and contact them in regards to the job. That way, you can verify if it is scam or legit.

4. Only Uses Texts and Online Chats

As technology evolves, so do scams, and some recruitment scams have migrated to texts or online chats especially via WhatsApp. Most legitimate companies don’t reach out to recruit via text unless you already applied on the company’s site and opted to receive text messages.

5. If It Seems Too Good To Be True

It feels great that a company is fast-tracking you, contacting you within an hour of applying, and doesn’t require an interview or checking references. But as the saying goes, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


Just like The Staffworks Recruitment Scam, Celebration-gift-shop.com job offer is a scam disguised as a lucrative job opportunity. Employees would be made to pay for fake training fee and wouldn’t receive their pay in the end.

When approached by a job recruiter either online or offline, the first thing to do is research the company and the job opportunity. Find the company on the internet and review their online presence, including their social media. Enter the company’s name and the word “scam” on search engine to see if the business is legitimate.

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