I Bought Casilva Sheets: Here Is My Review Of This Self Cleaning Eucalyptus Sheets

Did you come across Casilva Sheets? Are you considering buying this bedding sheets and wondering if it’s worth the hype? These sheets claim to offer the ultimate convenience with their self-cleaning capabilities and advanced temperature regulation. However, people have varying experiences with these sheets, and some have shared their complaints online.

”Some users have complained that the bedding is not really as marketed, in this review I’ll share my experience using this sheets

Overview Of Casilva Sheets

Casilva whose website is casilva.com, is a bedding company prides itself on providing high-quality sheets at an affordable price. According to them, the Eucalyptus sheets is not only self cleaning but also temperature regulating. It also prevents 99.9% of bacteria growth, kills odors, allergens and fungus.

Curious, I decided to order and see if indeed the sheets are worth the hype.

My Experience Using Casilva Eucalyptus Self-cleaning Sheets

The Casilva sheets came in the following set;1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, and a pillow case. They had a soft texture, were “cool to the touch.” and were comfortable to sleep on. I had a good night sleep and I think the sheets contributed to it. In the aspect of sensitivities, I’m yet to have any allergic reaction since I started using the Casilva sheets.

However after a third wash, I noticed I slight wrinkle, which was quite surprising as I read Eucalyptus sheets don’t wrinkle. Luckily, my pressing iron straightened it out.

Casilva Sheets Pro: What I Like About this Eucalyptus Sheets

  1. It’s durable and long-lasting.
  2. They have an 800-thread count, making them the perfect balance of softness and durability.
  3. Made from 100% high-quality Egyptian cotton.
  4. It is cool to touch

Casilva Sheets Cons: What I Do Not Like About this self cleaning sheets

  1. It is pretty expensive
  2. It had wrinkles after my third wash

How to take care of Casilva Sheets

To ensure that your Sheets last longer, you should take proper care of them. Here are some care tips:

Washing instructions for casilva sheets

  • Use cold water to wash the shee
  • Avoid using bleach or fabric softener
  • Wash the sheets separately or with other similar-colored items
  • Use a mild detergent

Drying instructions

  • Always dry the sheets on a low heat setting
  • Avoid over-drying the sheets
  • Remove the sheets from the dryer immediately to avoid wrinkles


If I’m to rate Casilva sheets, I’ll give it a solid 7 over 10. This Eucalyptus sheets are a great option if you’re looking for comfortable, high-quality, and durable sheets just like Better Bedder. They are made of premium quality materials that provide comfort and softness.


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