Scam; Avoid Cashappclaim & Cashapp Treat!

If you visit Cashappclaim or Cashapp located at you would be directed to a YouTube channel called “Cash App Guy”

Where you would be tricked into subscribing for the channel. However, when you do so you’d realize that there is no video at the “Cash App Guy” channel.

If you visit and get redirected to YouTube, do not be tricked into subscribing. A channel should not force you to subscribe, you should be able to view the channel and then decide to subscribe if you want to.

What is Cashapp?

Cashapp is a money transfer app. Users can send and receive money through this app. You do not need a bank account to transfer money. Just install Cashapp on your mobile phone. However, when you check the customer reviews on Trustpilot– a website review platform- you would see a lot of bad reviews from user.

A lot of people have had their accounts closed/blocked for no just cause. Also, a lot of similar website keeps popping up, like this cashapptreat, which is affiliated to cashappclaim. However, they are no go zone for you!

What to do if you have been scammed by cash app?

Try to contact Cashapp team. File a complaint on Cashapp. The complain option is available on the app. Meanwhile, if you’re considering giving the platform a try, please don’t. Your experience would surely be that of tears and regret!

Cashappclaim or Cashapp located at is a scam. Stay away!

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