Is The Carote Cookware Any Good? An Unbiased Carote Cookware Review

Ever wondered about the kitchen magic Carote cookware claims to offer? Are these cooking wares non-sticky and worth the hype? What are customer reports concerning these claims?

In this review, I’ll share my experience buying and using this set of cookware in my kitchen and give my honest opinion about them.

Overview Of Carote Cookware

Carote cookware offers a range of kitchen utensils like pots and pans made with sturdy cast aluminum and coated with a non-stick granite layer. The manufacturers claim it’s PFOS free. Their popular ser of cookwares include the white granite with detachable handles.

Features of this cookware include

Nonstick Magic: Carote’s pots and pans have this super nonstick coating – 5 layers of Swiss ILAG granite. It’s tough, scratch-resistant, and safe – no cadmium, no lead, and no PFOS/PFOA.

Durable Mix: Now, let’s talk about what they’re made of. Most of it is recycled aluminum. Why? ‘Cause aluminum heats things up fast and doesn’t break the bank. But, plain aluminum isn’t very tough, so they added a stainless steel base to make it strong and steady.

Testing The Carote Cookware

I got these set of pots from Amazon after reading reviews on Reddit, and it looked pretty great when it arrived. Not heavy at all, which is perfect because wrestling with heavy cast iron is no joke, especially as the years add up. These are surprisingly light to handle, defying my instincts.

Cooked up a beef stew, and the pots did their job evenly, no burning, got a good sear on high heat and cleaning it up was easy. Dried them off, a little olive oil love, and they were back in the cabinet.

Now, the handles pretty great, I was stirring the stew and had no need for a potholder. But here’s the thing, the more I use them, the more I see signs of wear. Just a couple of months in.

I also tested the viral Hexclad cookware

Is Carote Cookware A Good Brand? Customer Reports

Yes it is especially if you’re on the hunt for dependable, practical, and budget-friendly cookware. It’s non-toxic and totally worth your money.

Is Carote A Legit Company

Yes it is, however there are customer complaints on Trustpilot ranging from late delivereies to no delivery of products at all.

What You Must Know Before Buying

Unresponsive Customer Service

If you have any complaints and decide to reach out to their customer service with your problems. You may not receive any response.

Delay In Delivery

There are customer reports on Trustpilot about the issue of delivery, a customer complaint said

Placed order at the end of December 2022 and still haven’t received them (April 2023). I have sent multiple emails to customer service trying to get an update but have not had any response. I filed a dispute with my credit card company and after almost a month received a letter started Carote confirmed they have sent my items… which is news to me.


Carote Granite Cookware Pros: What I Like About It

  1. The pots look great right out of the box.
  2. Surprisingly light and easy to handle.
  3. Cleanup is a very easy.
  4. Handles stay cool, no need for a potholder.
  5. Comes with 3 sturdy utensils.

Carote Nonstick Cookware Cons: What I Don’t Really Like

  1. Noticed signs of wear after just a couple of months of use.
  2. Wish it came with more utensils.

Is Carote Cookware Safe For Your Health

Carote cookware is safe for everyday cooking. It’s made with materials that won’t harm you. The non-stick coating is tough and doesn’t release nasty fumes, even when things get hot. It’s made of cast aluminum with a non-stick granite coating, approved by SGS & EUROFIN, safe for induction and oven use. But, keep an eye on the enamel coating, it might chip off, and that’s not good for safety. Also, don’t use metal utensils, they can scratch your cookware. Keep the oven away, it might mess up the handle.

What Is It Made Of

It’s made from tough cast aluminum with a non-stick granite coating. It’s super safe and has no weird stuff like PFOS or PFOA.

Can It Be Used In The Oven

Yes to Oven:

  • Carote has a special line with removable handles that can handle oven temperatures up to 480F.

No to Oven:

  • But, the regular Carote cookware with fixed handles? Nope, those shouldn’t go into the oven because of the handle material.

How To Maintain Your Carote Cookware


  • No dishwasher, it’s not a fan.
  • Skip steel wool or scrubbing pads, they’re a no-go.
  • Don’t soak it in boiling water over 160°F, that’s a bit too hot.

Carote vs T-fal: Which Is Better

Choosing between Carote and T-fal boils down to your needs.

If you want a tough, non-stick pan that can handle high heat, T-fal might be the way to go. However if you are looking for an affordable set of cookware, you should consider carote.

How To Clean

Cleaning your Carote pan is a easy:

  1. Let it cool down after cooking.
  2. Wash it with warm, soapy water using a soft sponge.
  3. Rinse it well and dry with a soft towel.
  4. For stubborn bits, a gentle abrasive cleaner works.
  5. To keep it rust-free, a thin layer of cooking oil before storing does the trick.

Is Carote A Safe Dishwasher

Yes, you can toss Carote cookware in the dishwasher, but here’s the secret: for a longer-lasting non-stick magic, give them a gentle hand wash with mild soap and warm water.

Where To Buy

You can buy this product from their official website and also from Amazon. The prices differs but it’s from $89.


Carote cookware lived up to the hype, though they are pricey, if you are looking for an affordable set of cookware that is PFOS free then you may consider trying them out.

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