My Experience Using Camtrix Camera for Security: An Honest Review

Can Camtrix Security Camera effectively video and record your home? is It really worth your money? Here’s a consumer report.
In this review I share my experience using In this review I share my experience using this camera in my home, it pros, cons, specs and what you should expect when you buy this security camera.

Overview Of Camtrix Security Camera

CamTrix Camera is a security camera that is used to record surroundings. The camera is said to be equipped with a 108OP -HD lens and a microphone plug & play with which it uses to monitor a 120 degree angle.

It works with an app with which you can monitor what the camera captures. After installing the app, the next process is to scan the QR code and then connect the camera to your phone. After this is done, you can access the settings option and make changes for storage, either cloud or memory card.

My Experience Buying And Installing This Security Camera

I got my package on October 16 after ordering from their official website, i opened it up, and there was absolutely nothing about Camtrix in there. Just some tiny instructions, and the quality was abysmal. And to top it off, they sent me three of these when I only wanted one.

I tried charging it up, but it only lasted about 25 minutes, and the night vision? Forget about it, didn’t work at all. They even tacked on an insurance extension I never asked for.

But the real kicker? Their so-called support service is a dud. The email doesn’t even function.

Now, here’s the real twist – I found out this company changes their product name every few days, but it’s the same webpage with different names. Sneaky, right?

And you won’t believe this, I saw the exact same cameras on Amazon for just $18 for two of them. Temu sells them for $4.35, and Alibaba has them for $4.13.

I tried to sync it with my home, but the instructions were like reading gibberish. So, yeah, I’m not thrilled with this whole Camtrix experience.


  1. Setting it up is a piece of cake; even a tech novice like me was able to do so.


  1. Poor quality
  2. No advanced features as promised
  3. The battery barely lasts, which can be a real pain.
  4. Fake money back gurantee

Is the CamTrix a Scam?

Yes, it is. It does not really work as advertised. It’s not a high quality security camera but a cheap toy camera that takes unclear videos. There’ve been lots of complaints from buyers, including myself.

The company go by names like GetSpyFocus and GetCamtrix, and they’re pushing what they claim are groundbreaking CCTV cameras. Now, here’s the kicker – they shout about having these stellar TrustPilot ratings, but it’s almost laughable when you take a closer look. They seem to be pulling the wool over people’s eyes. A customer report said

Also when I ordered their cameras,the package arrived from China wrapped in bubble wrap, no receipt in sight, and instructions written in Chinese..

But that’s not all, the on/off switch? Broken. That magnetic option they promised? Nowhere to be found. The build quality is an absolute nightmare. And to add salt to the wound, they charged people for a whole year’s worth of product insurance without even asking.

Red Flags

It Is Manufactured In China

Cam trix Camera in real sense was made in China Not America as the manufacturer(s) made us to believe. The ads says it is made in America but this is totally false. it’s made in China. The package it arrived in has instructions in Chinese, and marked ‘MADE IN CHINA’.

It has a Terrible Picture Quality & Poor Battery Life

The Cam trix camera’ website and promotional materials boast extraordinary features and performance, making it seem like the ultimate security camera on the market. However, it fails to live up to these claims, with a subpar camera, and shorter battery life than advertised.

Fake Claims claims that  Camtrix is endorsed by CNN, WIRED, FORBES, GIZMODO, TECHRADAR, etc But this is not true. These verified magazines do not promote this camera in any way. In fact, all the As Seen On claim is a scam sale tactic often used by poor-quality brands.


There has also been complaints from customers who say Cam trix is just a cheap toy. See what a customer has to say below;

This thing is a complete piece of junk. A Chinese scam with a bogus Lithuanian front company would be putting it politely. Completely useless. Virtually all the claims made in the adds are lies. Stay away.


Alternatives To Camtrix Camera

These are simple cameras you can install if Camtrix doesn’t do the trick for you.

Optiguard Light Bulb Camera:

The Optiguard Light Bulb Camera aims to protect you from big, sketchy companies and offer peace of mind. It boasts an impressive 1080P lens with a 360°panoramic infrared feature, which is pretty cool for covering a wide area.The addition of white lights for better night vision is a big win in terms of security.

GNCC WiFi Security Camera System:

The GNCC WiFi Security Camera System seems like a solid home security choice. It’s versatile and can safeguard your home, store, hotel, or villa. With 8 channels and 4 IP66 waterproof outdoor security cameras, you’ve got ample coverage. The 2K/3MP resolution for videos and images means you’re getting some high-quality footage.

So, these devices bring their own set of benefits to the table. It’s about choosing the one that fits your needs the best.


Just like Keilini camera bulb, Camtrix security camera is not worth the price it’s sold for. It is cheaply made, has a poor camera and audio quality, short battery lifespan, and poor motion detection. As a result of this, I don’t recommend it. If I’m to rate SpyFocus I’ll give it a 4 out of 10.

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