Buenadeal.com Review: Deceit Exposed- Another Scam?

Buena Deal Review: Is buenadeal.com a legit store to buy gadgets? or is BuenaDeal untrustworthy? We have had a lot of readers sending mails asking about the authenticity of Stack Retro Website, this led to our review of this Online store.

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites e.t.c in order to save you from making wrong decisions.

Our Review of this Ecommerce serves as an eyeopener. We hope it meets you well, and on time.

What is Buenadeal.com? Is It Legit?

Buena Deal is an online store that is selling all kinds of super deals gadgets and products such as the led drawing pad, Panoramic security light bulb camera, remote control drone, pet bed, e.t.c

Are you planning to shop from buenadeal.com?

We advise you to take a breather, and go through this review. The Coronavirus outbreak has birthed a lot of online scams ranging from online stores, investments and what have you.

So, don’t be in a hurry to buy from any online store without checking for reviews (Not just one, as you might be misinformed)

When we checked Buenadeal.com website we discovered there are not much words on the website. On the page, we see different pictures of their products.

How Does Buena Deal Store Work

Buenadeal is located on- https://www.buenadeal.com/

They provide just the following contact detail-

Email- [email protected]

Address- 77 Hoi Bun Road, 5/F, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

should you have a reason to worry about buenadeal.com store?

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Buenadeal.com Review- Redflags Discovered

In as much as the well designed platform of this store would make you think they are the real deal, the truth however remains that some fraudulent online stores do pay huge money to have their ecommerce platform look standard and convincing. This is because they know what they stand to gain by looking topnotch.

During our in-depth investigation, we discovered the following cons of this Online Store.

Zero Social Media Presence

We always warn our readers to buy from stores with well grounded social media presence. This is because you can easily reach out to them in any of their platforms. On buenadeal.com there are no social media buttons. Even when we checked on Facebook, we saw no page related to this store.

Unverifiable Address

It is true that this store provides its company address as ‘ 77 Hoi Bun Road, 5/F, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong’. However, when we ran a background check on that address we discovered that this address belongs to an Office space called ‘The Quayside’, on further investigation we discovered there is no such store as Buena Deal there.

Negative Customer Reviews

There are a handle of negative reviews online from unsatisfied customers. Most of the shoppers paid for their order, got debited, but are yet to receive their goods for almost a month. We believe this should be enough reason for you to stay away from Buena Deal store.

A shopper has this to say about Buena Deal-

I placed an order with them and never received it. It’s been one month. I paid $79 for product I’m still waiting on. They won’t get one star from me . Nobody answered my emails and there is no cs number to call


Our Thoughts On Buena Deal Store

It is true that this store looks standard, is secured, has a topnotch website design, address and a great return policy. However, shoppers who ordered for items were debited but never received their products.

Why shop from an anonymous store that has taken extra measures to hide its owner/owners, and don’t have social media pages?

buenadeal.com Review: Should You Shop Here?

We are skeptical about this online store. We advise you to tread carefully and also don’t forget to share your experience with us.

If you have been scammed by these lots, we advise you to immediately file a report with your bank. This would stop these lots from tampering with your account details in the future.


    1. Wish I wouldve read all this before i ordered something. I feel lik an idiot. Out money, out no product, lesson hard earned. Now im gonna hav to shut down my checking acct. Wonderful

  1. I’m so upset these people took my hard earned money n scammed me!!!! Karma will be your rice eating ass!!!!!! U ruined my day n stole my money!!!!!

  2. I purchased face masks back on 4/16..51$ …I only wanted one…they tricked me into ,3… the good ones with the filter to breathe. Sent 2 emails with no reply…and they you can refunded,how,…I have the worst luck!!!

  3. Ordered alot of stuff.didnt release it was in ho. Kong never ever ordered on line never recieved nothing scam again china takes advantage of American!!!!!

  4. I ordered 2 face masks in the middle of April still no masks, no way to track them dirty ass company Buena deals name will be spread around by me as untrusty and a big scam company.

  5. Thank you! I was going to order something but since I don’t trust anyone, I checked them out and found this. It took quite a bit of digging to get here so I suspect more people are being scammed as we speak.

    1. I order a pet bed and these people scammers stole my money…. do not buy anything from these people its a fake company be ware …..

      1. is there any way this company / fake company can be reported to police who how many more folks have been scammed.

        1. Not sure about the police but they should be shut down and banned from soliciting business on the internet.

  6. Do NOT order from Buena Deals!!! Their site brags of 24/7 365 email support. NO support. I’ve emailed twice and nothing. My mask took over a month which they don’t warn you about. And then when I received it, it was a piece of crap. It’s sewn crooked and and if that’s not bad enough it’s small. I didn’t order a junior size. They keep sending me emails trying to sell me more CRAP!!
    All I want is a response and my money back. There was no paper work in the flimsy bag it came in so I have no info or return label or procedure for returns. I’m disputing it Monday with PayPal. I’ll buy American next time!


  8. I purchased an item from them this April, and have to receive it. I have tried contacting them thought their email [email protected], but haven’t gotten any reply. I wish I would have researched their website before “buying” from them. Looks too me like the only ones getting a “Buena ” deal were these fucking scammers.

  9. I received my product ordered from Buena Deal, but now when I ask for a return label, all I get is an automated email with their policy, no label info.
    This was such a mistake. I would not recommend ordering from them.

  10. I ordered something on 3/1 and then after several emails I received an email saying it shipped. The the shipping information was wrong and after more emails I received another tracking number and when I track it..it was shipped on 5/1 and the the last update was on 5/24 and it was still in China….total scam I paid almost $200 for this item.

  11. I placed an order with Buena Deal spent $40.00. It’s been 2 months I still ah e not gotten my order and like everyone says they don’t answer their emails and there is no CS number to call. Worst company ever.

  12. Scammers and Thieves I have tried contacting pin intrest who promote these fraudsters no joy Wish I had taken the time to read the reviews

  13. i paid for a product offered by this company and I have not received it yet. It has been well over one month since I placed the order and i am extremely unhappy.


  15. China and Hong Kong have flooded the net with 100’s of different sites under different names with much if the same product. I am unsure, but would like to find out how the FTC or some organization can shut them down and not allow them to solicit business in the US.

    1. I am wondering the same thing because i was scammed by them also and i am wondering how the hell do they keep their website up when they are taking our money and not giving us what we ordered.
      If you find out any info on how to take them down, i am game with backing you up.
      I should have stuck with ebay on buying what i need.

  16. Never order anything from this company!! 2 months I have been waiting for my order. Go to email them… surprise! No such email. They took my money fast enough though.

  17. It took 3 months until I received my order, and the product i got was poorly made. I strongly suggest to stay away from this site.

  18. This scam “store” also conned me with their legit-looking site. I placed an order over two months ago and found that there is no way to contact them about it. Spread the words. Scam! Ripoff! Deceit!

  19. I bought from them. The stupid thing is, I checked them out and it was all legit. Two weeks later, no package, and I realized I’d looked up the wrong website. It’s been 8 months since I ordered my item and five months since I was told it had shipped. Total scam.

  20. I Betty Cowley Sent for a Quilting Template Set on the 19th march 2020 its not arrived Have sent Emails It was confirmed order no 24774 Thankyou for your information Can I get a refund

  21. The company is a company a scam. They are selling cheap junk and in the event, you request a refund they will not respond to emails. I purchased several items that appeared to be neat gifts and every item was either damaged or was not what was advertised. I attempted to return the items and sent a request for a return shipping label as stated on their website but it never came.

  22. DO NOT ORDER from this place. Like most of you I ordered a product back in April and never got it and now they have my money and there is nothing I can do about it. Lesson definitely learned. They should be blocked from internet.

  23. I ordered 2 items from this company in March 2020. IT is December 28 2020 and I still haven’t received my order. I have asked numerous times for a refund but keep getting the same e mail as a reply. Due to the Corona Virus, we are running about 2 weeks behind. This is unacceptable but even my lawyer couldn’t find legitimate info on them. Don’t buy anything from them. Total scam. They kept my money.

  24. Buena Deal is a total scam run by a bunch of criminals out of Hong Kong! I ordered a
    mini electric saw and for weeks never received anything. Finally I contacted PayPal and
    filed a complaint. I had used PayPal to pay for the item. Suddenly I got an email from Buena Deal saying the order was on it’s way. Some time passed and I then got an email from Buena Deal saying my “Item was delivered.” I looked all over my porch for a box with a saw in it and found nothing, then I looked in my mailbox and found they had sent
    we a small package with a tiny bit of chain in it. PayPal now has it listed as delivered! See, that’s how they get around PayPal….. Yea, I got a delivery of a 5 cent bit of chain! Buena Deal is run by the lowest form of crooks!

    1. Interesting. Ordered the same product in September 2020 and after multiple follow-ups got the small piece of chain in April 2021. Have tried to contact them since with no success. SCAM SCAM SCAM.

    2. that same exact thing happen to me but i didn`t go thru paypal to do it, but i received that same stupid chain and the same false notice saying it was delivered.
      I am wondering how is this company still in business and how can we get them shutdown.

  25. Same Here. GOT MY $100 and no product, no responce to emails, no refund. I plan to copy this Link and Inform to My State Attorney General. More people should do the same. As a group we speak louder!!!

  26. Can anyone get this information to Date Line, CNN, FOX ? They need to be exposed to the world. What famous person can be tweeted to get this Report out there and these people out of business.

  27. still waiting on my product i ordered in feb. website is bogus. never answer. To bad this world have people that cant get a real job so they choose to sit around and think of scams to create to screw people over that do work! GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Buena Deals: Ordered the Realistic dog in February 2021. Sent several emails in April with the response “be patient due to weather and COVID, everything is delayed. Today, April 21st, I received a cheap $5 stuffed dog, not what I ordered. I’ve emailed them again, can’t wait for a reply on this one. Wish I would have seen the complaints prior to my purchase!

  29. I ordered the cute realistic teddy dog and all i get was a $5.00 stuffed animal that does not move at all. I bought it for a present. I am so imbarresed and dissapointed do not order from this company.

  30. Ordered a small limb chainsaw on 3.22.2021 and have yet to receive. Today, 5.24.2021, I received a small 1/4′ 4″ 28 chainsaw chain that looks to go to the chainsaw so I emailed to see where the rest of order is. I then found all the negative reviews and am now concerned I will ever receive the rest of order. Awaiting reply to my inquiry and will keep posted.

  31. I ordered through Best Trendy Deals which I assumed had sponsored companies Buenadeal; I ordered & paid for hand charged chainsaw. They took my money, that was 2 months ago. I wrote them & they sent me a chain that goes to a chainsaw. Pissed me off. Showing Return address out of CA. I think they are in Hong Kong. I will not stop until this is resolved. The better business bureau & how about we all file a class action law suit to arrest them for fraud.

  32. My brother-in-law asked me to search a link for pitbossfactory.shop to see if it was legit. I couldn’t search very well on my cell at the time, and told him I couldn’t find anything negative. After getting home, I scoured their website and found they were owned by Buena Deal, who has a history of making fake websites for various products. He just paid for it a few hours ago with his VISA and the payment went to a PayPal account owned by a Sharlene Shuler. We are going to contact VISA and PayPal immediately. From what I’ve read, once they fake your USPS delivery confirmation, It’s next to impossible to get your money back from PayPal. They used Pit Boss Grill logo and made it seem legit. I’m afraid we are going to lose our $98. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM.

  33. I ordered 2 rechargeable mini cutting saws on April 9, 2021, as of this day June 29 I haven’t received them. I did use my credit card and now I’m out of that money.
    Do not buy from this so called company. Scam, scam

  34. Ordered the mini chainsaw. 6weeks later received a chain never got the saw. Can not get my money back. this company is a scam, Hope everyone reads these comments to save their money.

  35. I ordered 2 of the Teddy Dogs, Oct. 4th. They emailed me that my order was received and they would email me when my order was ready to be mailed, Guess what? Never heard from them. I emailed them at an email address they showed, turned out to be a automated answer. I like so many did not check if they were a scam or not. When I did check I was shocked to see so many were taken by these people. I imediately called my card company and had a freeze put on my card. I’ve learned my lesson and I went and deleted all companies and have vowed to go to a local store for what ever I want, knowing I will get the item.

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