Review: Beware of This Store!

If you are thinking of buying lifelike dolls from DON’T, there are a lot of redflags about the store. This Brown Sloth Reviews exposes everything you need to know about the online store.

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites e.t.c in order to save you from making wrong decisions.

Our Review of this Ecommerce serves as an eyeopener. We hope it meets you well, and on time.

What Is – is It Legit?

Brownsloth otherwise known as Sloth Life is an online store that is currently running a promo sale for realistic pet dogs for huge discount.

However, on close inspection we noticed some disturbing things about the store.

You might have stumbled on a lot of Facebook Ads showing that these realistic pets could run and make noise. However, that is far from the truth.

The realistic pets is not real. It is simply a stuffed toy.

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Why is a Risky Store

Below are reasons why you shouldn’t get the lifelike sloth toys from

  • They mislead you with videos and pictures of real pets. When you order from them they send you something different from the pictures online. A little sized stuffed dog that does nothing, contrary to the videos and pictures you see online. Something you could have getting far cheaper on Amazon.
  • When you check their About Us page, you would see that the content there is for another online store called ‘Kokoko’. It shows they have copied the content elsewhere.
  • does not provide a contact information. In fact, there is absolutely no way to reach them as they have not provided a phone number, address or email address.
  • This store has been working for something like 3 months, it was registered in China and it has no reviews.

Realistic Dolls Scam- Beware!

The realistic pet scam is a trendy scam right now. A lot of online stores keep popping up on social media claiming to sell lifelike dolls for affordable prices. However, when people order, these things happen-

  • You receive a very tiny imitation of what you had ordered.
  • It does not look real, run, or do the things they claim it does.
  • There is no way to dispute your charge.

Instead of buying these lifelike toys and getting nothing in the end, you can buy real large lifelike dolls i on Amazon for affordable prices. But Remember; these lifelike toys don’t walk or run.

However, they are a cool gift to give to adult and kids. One of the reasons why we recommend Amazon is that you can always get your money back if you are not satisfied with your order.

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  1. This on line store goes under an American company [email protected] with a physical address of 5215 S Boyle Ave. Vernon CA 90058-3907. They scammed me by using an item description entirely different than what they shipped to me. I am out $30.67 and when I contacted them their solution to the scam was to offer me a discount on my next order, then came back with a $3.00 refund. I have learned my lesson about ordering ANYTHING off line except through AmazonPrime. They also scammed Pay Pal and bypassed my preference to go through pay pal and how they did that I could not tell you. Please stop these dishonest people as they have scammed many and continue to do so

    1. You are so right I got the same little stuffed puppy and he doesn’t do anything but just lay there he doesn’t even look at all like the toy online. People are. So mean beware.

    2. I ordered on the life like dog. Have not received this item, nor contact information. I have gotten in touch with my lawyer and my bank and they will be handling it. Will let you all know what happens.

    3. I ordered the yorkie, and what I got was a cheap toy that I was ashamed that I was scammed. I expected a toy that acted like a real dog. The email I tried to contact them was not even a real email address.

    4. I had ordered two, of the “life like “ dogs from two different groups, needless to say, both are a joke. I tried to contact PayPal and they want me to deal with the seller. That is impossible. I set the cheap imitation on my mantle to remind myself not to ever buy anything that doesn’t come from Amazon. I am out about $50. I hope the money they scammed us out of was worth it. People are mean!

  2. I bought one of those reportedly life-like dogs. It is a TOTAL scam. I received a little toy that is nothing special and should have cost about $.99!

  3. Too late, I already paid $52.77 for three “lifelike” puppies. I figured they were battery operated, but they were so cute. Problem, like told here, there’s no way to contact them that’s legit and I haven’t seen the “puppies” I ordered either. I’ll be contacting PayPal – maybe they can help get a refund.

  4. Same here. This is the email I received from goodwinnaylipbxi:

    Dear friend,
    I feel so sorry for the trouble to you.
    but in order to solve well for you, please tell us more details,thanks!

    that could you give us the photos or video of your said ?
    then I will show photos or video to company, and get the solution as soon as possible

    thanks for your understanding and help
    waiting for reply.
    we always stand behind every order. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help.  
    nice day

    I sent them the pictures twice and twice the email was undeliverable.

    Yes, everyone beware. The are crooks.

  5. I was scammed this week too. I complained and have received 2 ridiculous responses, like offering 30% off my next order. I will file a complaint with PayPal. I thought Facebook screened these companies.

  6. I purchased a luminating Halloween cauldron listed at 19.99.Shipping was 9.99
    it arrived yesterday. Package contained a 2×2 plastic toy cauldron that wouldn’t be worth
    more then 50 cents. There is no way to get in touch with anyone! What a shame considering I lost my job and financial hardship
    Of course it came from China, when will I learn!

  7. Such a scam. $26 for a stuffed Yorkie dog that looks like it came from dollar tree. It is so annoying, because I checked to be sure this store wasn’t in China. It was listed as US. I am so disgusted with this scamming. Something needs to be done to flag these stores. Even on Amazon it is very difficult to find the country of origin. It only gives the distribution site information. Instead of our lawmakers pointing fingers at each other, they should be working to stop things like this.

    1. It took 2 months for me to get my order. Total scam!! What you’re going to get in the mail is a $2 stuffed animal that you might win at a fair.

    2. I did the same thing, order 2 dogs and a Shield, $63 Ordered it September 13th, got it December 6 I open the case with pay pal

  8. I am in Australia and i too was scammed $30.58 USD which is about $40 odd and ended up with a $7 stuffed toy. Paypal are screwing me around like nothing. What a bunch of scammers

  9. I am furious about this scam. The ads were so cute and not representative of what was actually delivered. What came in the mail was a scruffy, cheap, worthless little piece of junk that I would throw in the garbage if I found it anywhere. Now I am out $36. I hope someone can bring the Brown Sloth company to justice. Don’t fall for this like I did.

  10. Damn! I wish I had seen this before I ordered one. Got ripped off, got a stuffed dog. Be ware people, DO NOT SHOP HERE OR FALL FOR THERE ADS ON FACEBOOK!!

  11. For anyone that wants to know, their address is Longgang District, Shenzhen,
    Guangdong Province, Jihua Street, 20 Bron City, 20 Bron City, 5A07 Their other name is Duo Tongguang Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.
    I am very disillusioned by Paypal as I have told them several times that there have been numerous complaints worldwide but they seem not to want to acknowledge that and are putting me through the wringer. In addition to Paying $30.58 USD for the product, I returned the stuff toy to them today at an additional cost of $14 USD. Paypal’s guarantee appears to be worthless and I think I can kiss it all goodbye

  12. I’ve ordered items a couple of months ago still have not received my products and when I tried to EM them. a message poped up saying no such address found

    1. Guy has responded every day for last 3 months let’s wAit together
      Hung up in customs
      And finally after asked for refund and said lawyer was getting involved he told me it shows it was previously delivered
      It’s not the money it’s the farce.
      I want someone to get involved to press charges so he gets time in jail

  13. Brown Sloth is a big scammer store! They advertised a 10 FOOT inflatable snowman with a projector that would project clips from Frosty the Snowman onto the snowman’s belly. What they sent was a 16 INCH snowman that I had to put the multi colored fairy lights up into the body. They are based in China. From the first day I contacted them about the false advertising &. bait & switch, the have barraged me daily with emails wanting me to “understand that they are a small company and please forgive them this time”! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!! They are FULL FLEDGED SCAMMERS!!! They also did not want me to write a negative review!

  14. It is a scam. And I think that we all should get our money back because this is a joke I can go to a carnival getting better product than what I got in the mail.

  15. Yes I ordered 2 realistic animals a dog and a pig they are just $2 stuffed toys I wanted a refund as they are not what was described in the ad
    I paid nearly $50
    They offed me $3
    I refused so they blocked me

  16. I bought two “lifelike” puppies for my granddaughter for Christmas. What a joke! They sent me two $5 stuffed dogs, no animation, not even closely resembling the puppy they were advertising. I thought those puppies looked real. They are! This is a total scam!!

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