Brightfire Lighter Reviews: Is This Electric Lighter a Scam or Worth The Price? Here is my Review

Do you want to buy Brightfire lighter? Is this dual lighter and torch worth the price or is it another fad product? Is Brightfire rechargeable? Here’s a consumer report.

In this review, I share my experience buying and using Brightfire lighter, its pros, cons, and everything you need to know before buying this electric lighter.

Product Description

Brightfire lighter which is sold at is said to be an electric lighter that does not make use of gas. The manufacturers claim that it acts as a dual-arc torch lighter that can’t be beat by rain, snow, wind, or cold. You only need a USB cord to charge it to capacity, then use at will as it is rechargeable.

Not having to worry about when the gas in a lighter will finish sounds pretty good to me, curious I decided to try it out.

My Experience Using Brightfire Lighter

I placed an order for 3 Brightfire (Multipack) at $29.99 each, my order surprisingly took two weeks to be delivered as it came all the way from China (which I honestly didn’t expect).

On first use, I was totally disappointed. First of all, the advertising is false. Brightfire lighter actually uses gas ‘Butane’. The USB port doesn’t work for charging, so it’s just for fancy.

However, the lighter itself looks cute and sleek, it’s gives the impression that it’s a torch whereas it is a lighter. The flames are also adjustable, the length ranging from 1 to 7 inches, so it can be used for various purposes; for Candle, Grill, BBQ, Fireworks.

They work pretty good but if you try to use it with the flame towards the ground, the flame ends up going out because the butane can’t come out anymore. It would be nice if it would be able to do that though. Using it for creme brulee takes multiple ignitions and flipping it upside and then back down, the flame is not consistent.

Is Brightfire Lighter a Scam?

Brightfire lighter is not a scam perse, however it is sold with false advertising. The claims that it is a rechargeable electric lighter is not true. This lighter uses butane gas to function. The USB port is just for fancy, as it doesn’t work for charging.


  1. It looks like a torch
  2. Its pretty easy to use


  1. It is sold with deceptive advertising
  2. Brightfire Lighter is made in China, not US.
  3. Delivery takes weeks

Where To Buy

You can buy brightfire lighters from their official website which is However, there are similar makes on Amazon that are far cheaper.


Brightfire lighter is a good option if you want a sleek torch-shaped lighter, however it is not electric or rechargeable. It needs butane gas to work.

Have you bought this lighter, Did you like it? share your thoughts in the comment section or browse through our catalogue.


  1. You nailed it. Here’s my experience and communication with “Customer Care”:
    Me on Aug1: I place the order for the 100% fuels free rechargeable electric lighter. However, I received the “standard” fuel required non-rechargeable one. Please advise on replacement for the correct item.
    Customer Care on Aug 3: We’re so sorry to hear you are not happy with your purchase experience. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Care Team at +1(888)891-0907 or simply reply to this email we will be more than happy to assist. Have a wonderful day! Faye – Customer Care
    My reply: I waited 3 days for customer service to respond just to get “…We’re so sorry to hear you are not happy with your purchase experience… Call or email and we’d be happy to assist…” I already did! Now I’m REALLY not happy! So here’s how your business plan seems to be going. You place false advertisements for a cutting edge product, then send the lesser quality product, knowing that one of two things will happen. 1. Consumer will not want to go through the hassle of returning the product, because you make sure it’s a hassle. Result: You make a tidy profit from me paying for a high quality product but you just deliver a $40 lighter. (Which BTW was $48.98 in total) 2. Consumer DOES jump through your hassle hoops by paying for return shipping PLUS you get to charge a “Restocking” fee. That is, IF you decide that the item is returned in “re-sellable” condition. Result: You still make a profit PLUS you get to run this scam on another unsuspecting consumer. Sound about right? So, my question is when will you send me what I ordered? The 100% Fuel-Free Tesla Coil USB Rechargeable BrightFire lighter.
    Aug 8… still no response. 100% SCAM!

  2. I only came to this website to see the complaints. Anyone looking closely at the ad would know it’s a fraud. The “flame” is obviously produced by the burning of some type of fuel. If the lighter were actually a all electric lighter , you would see a electrical arc instead of a flame….. y’all do know the difference , right ?

  3. The ad on YouTube made so many over the top claims I decided to research it.
    They claim its not available on Amazon, yet it was the first hit on a Google search and it turns out they go for 16.95 along with about a zillion others that look just like it within a couple of bucks or so.

    Might be worth the price but there’s no way I’m buying anything from liars.
    Note that the piezoelectric server in all the lighters I’ve seen is the exact same unit and they are prone to fail at random lengths of service although to me, the designs that insert that piezo unit into a tighter space seem to not fail as quickly as those in a loose space.
    The best butane lighter I’ve seen has been the Ronson they were selling everywhere for about 5 bucks but sadly, they no longer produce those, broadly because the metal case made it more expensive to produce than all the plastic lighters out there.
    Sadly these people will probably sell a bunch of these because people will see the ad and not research the reviws.

  4. DO NOT BUY…This is a SCAM! False advertising stating this product did not use fuel. There was no USB port to charge the lighter as the advertising indicated, only a port to place a butane fuel cell to fill it up. Found two phone numbers and I called both. One was a constant busy signal. The other number sent me directly to a call waiting to listen to music without speaking to anyone. After 10 minutes I finally cancelled the call. No instructions were included and only a gum wrapper-sized paper written in Chinese. A small aluminum container came with metal sticks which I have no idea what they are for AS THERE IS NO MANUAL FOR OPERATION OR exploded view of parts. Since I discovered the false advertising from opening the product, I discovered they have some websites that say it uses fuel and others that don’t. I bought this because the site I read said it did not use fuel. I bought 5 for Christmas gifts. I have disputed the charge with my bank and am in the process of getting my money back. They never sent an email confirmation and the confirmation that the order was placed displayed no “order number” or the pricing with no way to contact them.

  5. The ad for these lighters is a COMPLETE scam… these are NOT “fuel-free”, they are NOT “electric”, or a “plasma flame”, they do NOT have a “usb port to recharge”, they ate simply a regular BUTANE (fuel) lighter with a longer flame. Do NOT fall for the complete dishonesty and LIES that are advertised for this product. I can NOT believe that the advertisers are TOTALLY dishonest about this product…
    Do NOT purchase this unless you want a regular butane lighter for $40+ bucks.

  6. Not gonna lie, if you can’t tell that the flame produced by this lighter in the videos is clearly from a gas fuel then you deserve to be scammed. Electric lighters don’t produce a jet flame like that.

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