Breeze Maxx Portable AC Reviews: Does This Air Conditioner work? Find Out!

Are you looking for a portable AC to cool off the temperature? Do you want to buy Breeze Maxx Portable AC? Does it really work? Is It a waste of money? Find out from this honest review.

Breeze Maxx AC is a viral portable air conditioner that is been sold on It is an air cooling system that uses advanced evaporation technology to help users cool down, humidifies and puridifies the air.

It works this way – Just charge the battery, fill up the tank and hit the power button. It uses less than 10% of the electricity compared to conventional air conditioners. And it runs on normal tap water – no nasty chemicals.

It is mobile. Therefore, you can bring it wherever you go, to the office or the bed room, you can even take it camping.

However, the major concern is review this AC and find out if it lives up to its name. If it really does what it says.

Should You Buy Breeze Mass Portable AC?

Despite the fact that Breeze Mass Portable AC is seems authentic and purports to be a remedy to summer hot temperature, customers who have used it have left some negative reviews on Amazon saying it is just a waste of money. Moreover, It has 2.4 out of 5 star rating on Amazon.

See customers reviews below-

Cute little fan but that’s it. The noise level is like any other small fan. As far as cooling, it’s a water cooler. When the water is first put in; the fan is a little bit cooler than a dry fan without water. As the water warms up to room temperature so does the air coming from the fan. The advertisement is hyped to get you to buy the fan. If you do buy and then try to return it, they will reply with an insult to your intelligence. In my case they asked me if I put water in the fan. If you want a fan there are many less expensive for the size.

James M fenton

DO NOT BUY!! Waste of money. Waste of space. Worthless. Wish I could return but the dog ate the box!!

Thea M Wilcox


  • .It is mobile. Therefore, you can bring it wherever you go, to the office or the bed room, you can even take it camping.
  • It is portable
  • Easy to use
  • custom colling


  • Shipping & Delivery takes more than the alleged 24hrs
  • Unrealistic Discounts.
  • Does not cool the room as claimed


From all indications, Breeze Maxx Portable AC seems legitimate. However, just like Chillwell AC users have to exercise caution while using it as it has bad reviews online.

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