Branwyn Bra Reviews: I Wore This Performance Bra For a Week, Here’s My Experience

A week ago, my friend introduced me to a website ( that sells performance innerwear for women of all age. Having bought and worn the branwyn bra for a week, here’s my honest review of it. Are you considering buying Branwyn sports bra or bralette? This Branwyn 2023 review will help you make a decision.

Branwyn which is located at is a brand that makes bras that are unlike traditional bras, aimed to provide superior support and comfort. Launched in 2013, this brand has been worn and vouched for by many female athletes.

What makes Branwyn bra stand out? the bras are made of soft, smooth, and breathable material. They also come in adjustable band, straps, and underwire, making it perfect for women of different sizes and shapes.

I Wore Branwyn Essential busty bra for a Week, Here’s My Experience:

I ordered the “essential busty bra” in size Medium. As a remote worker comfortability is my priority, and in my quest to find the perfect wireless bra, I have tried most designs from True&Co, Knix, Cosabella, and more. This bra from Branwyn is my latest try.

First of all, it actually fits all of my boobs (no spillover), which is great. Secondly, I can bend over, left right, touch my toes, without popping out of the top. Thirdly, the fabric is lovely and comfortable, it also gives a decent amount of support.

However, the one thing I’m not in love with is that the band rolls up, almost immediately. But that happens with most of the wireless bras I’ve tried. In order to give enough support sans wires, they are usually designed with a very wide band at the bottom, and “wide” tends to roll. I do have a bit of a belly so maybe that’s why. If you have a perfectly flat stomach it might not happen to you!

Pros: What I Like About Branwyn Bra

  • Branwyn bra is made with breathable fabric
  • It is effective in hiding side bulges and back fat
  • You can wash it by hand or with machine
  • It improves posture and provides seamless fitting.

Cons: What I Don’t Like About Branwyn

  • There’s always limited stock
  • I still had the issue of bra band rolling up

Is Branwyn Bra Worth Your Money

Having wore this bra for a week, I do think it’s worth every penny it is sold. Aside from being soft and comfortable, it’s cost effective. The cost starts at $39, which is comparable to other high-end bra. Still in doubt? see what other users have to say

I was super skeptical about these bras holding their shape and not smelling as I have a very big chest and sweat a lot. They totally live up to the hype. I wore one for 4 days and it really didn’t “need” washing. Would love if they came in one size bigger but these work well for me.


As soon as I received my order we we’re leaving to hike in the Grand Canyon. The bra was very comfortable and soooo soft. It was enough support for hiking for me. I had to keep pushing it up under the girls so that the band didn’t roll. I still love them and will continue to wear the two that I brought.



Branwyn bra by is an excellent choice and authentic brand. I was impressed with everything about the bra, from the material to the bra cups. I do recommend.

Have you bought Branwyn bra? Were you satisfied with it? Please share your reviews in the comment section, or see other bra I reviewed here.

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