Beyond Diet $3,250 Owed Email: Is It a Scam?

Did you receive an email from Beyond Diet ( [email protected]) that claims you’re owing $3,250? Read this review to find out what our scam analyst has to say.

With online scams springing, we’ve taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, texts, etc. in order to save you from making the wrong decision.

We hope this review meets you well, and on time.

About Beyond Diet

Beyond Diet is a diet health company that has been existing for a very long time. This company is founded by Isabel De Los Rios, and the diet health program has thousands of success stories online.

Unfortunately as of 14th September 2021, lots of past customers complained of receiving an Invoice of $3,250 from the company via email. This has left many people scared and bothered. When and how did they owe Beyond Diet such amount?

Beyond Diet

When we contacted the company we were told the email is not from them. They also released a statement telling the public that their email ‘[email protected]’ has been hacked.

We can’t exactly say if it is an insider job or if it is from external people. However, what is obvious is that anyone who’ve bought a diet plan from Beyond Diet would likely receive the mail.

So, what do you do if you’ve received the invoice email? Kindly disregard as it is a scam. If you’ve any current business you can contact the company via [email protected].

See similar email scam here. Meanwhile share this article with your friends and family to keep them abreast of the situation!

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