I Bought The Viral Betty Bra Strapless Bra: Here Is My Review After Testing

It’s really hard to find a strapless bra that’s comfy and stays put while we’re moving around. Do you want to buy bra from Bettybra.com? Do you want to find out if Betty bra strapless bra is a legit bra store. Is this 3 in 1 bra really worth the hype? Read this review to find out.

A Little About the Betty Bra Strapless Bra

Bettybra.com is the online store that sells the Betty strapless 3 in 1 wireless bra. This bra is a made to give your boobs a lift and keep them supported, even without any straps. It’s got comfy padding inside that lifts them up and makes them look nice and natural.

Why People Love This Women Push Up Bandeau Bra

This strapless bra has all the features we usually look for – like molded cups that can be removed, making it great for lounging or sleeping, and for matching with strapless dresses or summer tops. But it also has some extras, like four hook-and-eye closures for extra support, and molded cups that fit your boobs better. Plus, it’s only $35, which is cheaper than most other strapless bras


I was skeptical, but clearly needed to test it out. I decided to give this strapless bra a try and ordered from Bettybra.com even though it’s pricey. It arrived after 5days and looked cute, and I figured the wider band would offer extra support and comfort. However, I was disappointed. Even though I don’t have a large chest, the bra still didn’t work well for me.

I found myself constantly pulling it up because it kept folding over on itself. The wider band didn’t provide the support I expected. It might be okay if you’re not moving around much, but if you have an active day planned, it’s not the best choice. It doesn’t give a smooth silhouette, and it gets too annoying to wear. Fits fine, but I wish it gave more cleavage. Overall, it’s okay, but not perfect for me.


  1. The bra looked pretty on arrival
  2. The bra arrived pretty fast


  1. The cups might peek out when wearing low-cut clothes.
  2. There is a constant need to pull it up due to folding.
  3. It’s a bit pricey

Is The Betty Wire Lift Up Bra Worth The Hype?

Yes it is worth the hype, however the bras are not adjustable but they are very stretchy also The band felt tight, like most strapless bras do when they fit well. It’s generally comfortable to wear for a few hours. However, there were some issues raised by customers, including the side boning starting to buckle and concerns about the bra’s lift. Additionally, some felt the coverage was too much, wishing they could trim down the cups.

Where To Buy

You can buy the betty bra from their official store bettybra.com, Amazon and other online stores. The price of one bra is $35.99, They are currently offering a buy 1 get 1 free on their official website.

Final Words

The Betty wireless bra isn’t perfect, It offers more sizes but the front seam can show through thin shirts or dresses. But overall, it exceeded my expectations. It’s more comfortable and supportive than any other strapless bra I’ve tried. Plus, at $35, it’s a great deal.

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