Beimac Company Limited Scam- See Reviews and Solutions!

“Beimac Company Limited” which is allegedly based in Middlesex England is not a genuine company. From our investigations so far, we discovered it is a fraudulent company linked to many fraudulent online stores like fanciful.store, jonally.com, e.t.c

Are you considering shopping from Beimac Company Limited? STOP Don’t buy anything before reading this review.

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites e.t.c in order to save you from making wrong decisions.

Our Review of this Ecommerce serves as an eyeopener. We hope it meets you well, and on time.

Beimac Company Limited Customer Reviews

There are a lot of complaints from people who have shopped from online stores linked to BCL. Below are some of the reviews sent to us-

  • ” I was suckered with a Facebook ad’ for an electric scooter and got awful rubbish sunglasses. They use various names and simple Gmail addresses but clicking through from a link on the receipt I found the BCL name. Paypal acknowledge its a fraud issue they are having ‘problems’ with but, after a lot of correspondence and effort, refunded me and said they had closed the PP acount. I guess they’ll just start a new one. I’ll be wary of mail order ads in future.”
  • ” ordered a sofa chair including postage US$29.98 but received a cheap cheap ring from a lady Hanmei at 3 Yunxiao Road in Guangzhou. I emailed to Antonia Browning () and he told me that they will refund US$5 to me but then said refund US$15 and of course finally he said my account was frozen. He asked me to return the cheap cheap ring back to Guangzhou for full refund. I don’t trust this company any more and I don’t think they will give me any refund.”

As a result of the mails we got, we decided to run an investigation to ascertain the authenticity of the Company. Unfortunately, there were a lot of negative reviews online. You can see for yourself here

Is Beimac Company Limited Real?

Yes, the company is real. However, this does not mean you should blindly shop from online stores that use the Company.

One of the mistakes most people make is thinking any store that uses Paypal is a safe place to shop from. Unfortunately, that is not true.

Some of these online stores exploit a major issue with Paypal’s system. You purchase the item, a few days later they find a tracking number that has shipped to your area (completely unrelated to you or your item) and then they post this tracking number into your PayPal transaction. PayPal sees this as a complete transaction and almost impossible to dispute.

So using Paypal is no guarantee that you wouldn’t be scammed. You just need to be wise, and ready for anything.

Scammed By Beimac Company Limited? DO This!

If you have been scammed by these lots, we advise you to immediately file a report with your bank. This would stop these lots from tampering with your account details in the future.


  1. Sounds like a company I used where I ordered two sets of bedspreads, via PayPal. Eveytime I emails looking or my goods, a different person responded. Then I receive two sets of cheap pairs of sunglasses. They applied the same tracking number to each pair of sunglasses and had the hide to ask me to try them out, as Chinese people love their sunglasses. I won’t tell you how I responded, but I never received the refund promised. This company sounds the same.

    1. I was scammed two but when I rereadwhat I was ordering alarm bells started ringing. I sent the company many many email it says 24/7 support but nothing happens when you click on it, I then got onto PayPal and they helped me get my money back. I don’t understand why Facebook don’t put a stop to it, they are still trying to sell stuff on Facebook market, it’s about time Facebook did something about it, after all they are allowing theses scamers to keep getting away with it. Facebook are so fast to put people in Facebook jail

  2. I ordered twice, first time item went missing £20 no refund, I ordered a blow up bed 4 August 2020, I have emailed this email which is what it says on the email sent to say it’s on it’s was
    [email protected] NO RESPONSE.
    what should I do that is another £30 used PayPal thinking safe.

    1. I purchased two mini chain saws and got two chains, they refused to send the chain saws and have offered a $5 refund which has now gone up to $20, could this be another one of their scams to get credit card details?????

      1. I had same offered $5 refund put it down to experience no way was I giving them my card details. I laid by paypal but as they sent some goods not what I ordered in thought paypal would not refund me.

        1. Corrarm atrás do seu direito, manifestem nas redes sociais etc. Parece pouco, logo se não fizer nada o crime vai permanecer.

      2. I ordered an electric drill. they send me cheap tools set. I paid £25.98. now offering a £ 6-pound refund
        fraudulent misrepresentation.

  3. I ordered 2 face masks from them. It took over a month to get them & when I got them they were not what was advertised. I contacted them numerous times with no response from them. I requested a refund again no response. I mailed them back to the address that was on the package, someplace in California & now have been notified they were refused & are being mailed back to me. Still no response so I guess I am out $44.00 & stuck with useless masks!

    1. This lot keep offering me a small refund, but, I think they only want credit card details so they can scam again, disgusting people.

    1. I understand your disapointment Terry, but please don’t paint us all with the same brush. Some of us are genuine sellers. We advise that customers pay through PayPal or Credit Card (not Debit Card). This way your purchase is protected even if they close the account. Not all of us are scammers or out to con people. We use the simple saying, If it looks to good to be true it generally is. So if you see what looks like an amazing do a quick Google search about them and find out more there are pleant of forums like this that help you before you buy but most people are too lazy to be bothered.

      1. Yes, I agreed with your comments, sir. I almost send money but when I searched google about this company I was really shocked and I thank you for these SABIREVIEWS for me to understand the situation. I almost buy 6 items like Video Cameras and Computers.

  4. I ordered 2 Mickey Mouse Christmas Wreaths early December.

    I have never received them.
    When I contacted the company, they said it was shipped and they would look into it.

    I never heard back from them.

    I have now contacted PayPal to resolve the claim, since they are the ones who process all of the payments for this company.

    I had researched the company first – and believed it to be a British company based on the information on the website. It is not. It’s a company in China.

    And I fell for it from an ad on Facebook 🙁

    Definitely fraudulent.

  5. I ordered a Work Relax Table for my granddaughter for college. That was December 25,2021. The order never came and I paid for shipping which was $10.99. Total order was $30.00 The company was BEIMAC COMPANY LIMITED 6-9 THE SQUARE, STOCKLEY PARK, UXBRIDGE, MIDDLESEX, ENGLAND, UB11 1 FW . From now on I will make sure I check on line to see if a company is fraudulent or not!

    1. I also ordered that table. I rec’d an email 2 weeks ago with a tracking number. That number does not work on any shipper’s sight. I am waiting for a response from an email now. NOW I know I will not be receiving the table or a refund. That sux.

      1. I made the mistake of ordering the work relax table too. The only thing I received was a small desk bracket. I’ve tried to contact the company and have exhausted all avenues of resolving this matter. I used PayPal thinking I could dispute any problems, but I can’t even file a claim because I used a mobile phone to purchase the item. I guess I will never see a resolution!

        1. Hi Wayne, are you still interested in people joining the class-action suit ? BCL need to be done for this fraud, trading under so many names, its makes it very hard to check before we buy. I checked before I bought and could not find any bad reviews so I bought thinking all was good. It was not until I got the good that I knew something was wrong, after more research I managed to track the website back to BCL, they can’t be allowed to get away with this.

        2. Hi Wayne we bought swing chairs £19.99 each in 2 transactions £207. 91 twice, they sent 16 inPods boxes, we have tried to contact them with no joy, looked on reviews so many complaints, people ordering different items and all received the Same as us but not not so many depending what you spent. We would like to join your campaign thank you regards michael

        3. The problem is BCL is listed at companies house and is a limited company with the sole director listed as living in China. So if it is a limited company with 100 shares at £1 a share that’s all its worth. They close the company and next day open it up under another name. I was going to buy a spar pool but before I did I did due diligence as it looked too good to be true and found this forum. Result I’m not going to buy. If more people took the time when buying on the internet they’d also save themselves a lot of saddness.

        4. Good morning,
          I would be interested in taking action against this company if you can help.
          I’ve have had to save and save to buy the electric scooter as I am disabled and can’t work due to my disability. I know it’s around £40 and to some people that is nothing but to me it’s the difference between being able to buy food or pay a bill. I purchased this for my granddaughter, she’s just turned 5 and was looking to it arriving on Christmas Eve. I am devastated for her and now feel I have failed her.

    2. I keep getting ads on instagram for this company, advertising some really comfortable looking slip-on shoes. They advertise as ‘Clarks’…so…I emailed them to ask ‘ are they actually clarks shoes they are selling? ‘ I questioned them about the style of the logo ‘clarks’ as it was exactly the same as the ‘shoe company’ my email wasn’t delivered as the address was not found.. I’m guessing this IS a fraudulent company. I so wish that something could be done about companies like this!

  6. So far these Scumbag people who are listed with Shop Plazzand said they can not voucher for their users My account has been hacked and it is virtually useless now. I use PayPal to protected and you are saying they are using PayPal to hack into our bank account, how??
    It would appear that PayPal knows about this scam so they are condoning these scambags.

  7. The web sites all look the same and are set up by ShopPlazza, why has PayPal Not refured to deal with them as a payment gateway. PayPal should also be brought to task. They are culpiable in this FRAUD.

  8. This site is a SCAM !!!!!! Avoid it !!! Be warned, they trade under many website names.
    I ordered a good quality laptop stand and got sent a rubbish cheap stand from one online company and a reasonable wrist watch from another online company and got sent a very poor quality watch, neither were even a close match to what I bought. Neither product was cheap to buy. I have emailed them and had no reply !!!! While searching for their contact details I found out that both companies are listed at the same company address – Scam, Scam, Scam ! DON’T trade with them – EVER !!!  

    1. I recently purchased 2 pair off shoes for the wife received wrong size wrong colour no straps to hold them on Company name is Remoons in Uxbridge same company as Beimac
      they post them from England but you have to return them to China which costs a lot they said they would refund, but they dont robing lot of

    2. This same thing happen to me with a computer lap stand from Aoloma.com. I checked the internet and found that this same item was sold by a different company who started a kick starter campaign. The item photo’s are all from this website. It’s a Scam

  9. I ordered a watch and have not received it until now.
    After 4 e-mail sent to this company they have not even replied.
    I lost $49

  10. Total scam! ordered a camera through them via http://www.gfjhnnb.com, never arrived, mail address [email protected] come back as failures, the chat in Facebook, Instagram don’t answer…and they keep accepting orders over the web. How come they can not be stopped? never received the goods nor a refund as the tracking number is a false one!

    1. Bought BOGOF Christmas decorations from Just buy a gift, a company advertising on Facebook, I have bought items this way before and had no reason to think this was a scam. I received poor imitations of the decorations I’d ordered, plus they were broken, looked like someone had sat on the box. Contacted seller, received reply from China, where the parcel had originated from, they wanted me to return the parcel to China (at a Royal Mail postal cost of £25), they won’t bare the cost of postage but will compensate me $4. I’ve sent several emails, they don’t really understand me and keep repeating the same message. Leaving this message on here to hopefully discourage someone else from buying from this company. I got the Beimac Company LTD, Uxbridge address from a card which came with the parcel, so no way of checking before ordering.

      Order No: N202104242025446780
      [email protected]
      [email protected]

  11. I bought a wig from Dinacs hair on the 9th, for $38.Got a tracking number that’s not working. Now looking closely at the email from them, I saw the company name Beimac. Looks like it’s been copied and pasted to the website. I’m shocked because I thought it was coming from USA. On checking the PayPal payment, there is a mention of another company called Baqi Limited. Reviews on this company show that it’s all a scam. I am never buying anything from Facebook again. It was the first and last time. I have learnt a lesson. 1 transaction with 3 different companies .Should have looked closely before I parted with my coins.

  12. I think I’ve just been scammed by them!!! Bought garden furniture. Before I made a PayPal order I tried to find reviews on them. I also saw the Middlesex address but wanted to double-check myself. It was only after finalising my order that I found this site. I feel quite sick. I knew the offer was too good to be true! I should have listened to my gut instinct! Furious.

  13. Facebook are still showing many Beimac ads, I have reported it to facebook but they ignore it and continue to show Beimac ads under numerous names (latest is a telescopic ladder). Not sure how it is possible to stop facebook promoting scammers.

      1. I also ordered a climbing tree Santa which I never received but was charged to my account. Seems like there is no way anyone will respond to my many requests to E-mail me.
        Because I found their ad on Facebook and tried to warn others that it was a scam. Facebook told me my post was not allowed and wouldn’t showed my post so i guess it’s okay for them to allow scam products for their revenue but not a warning to others

      2. I also complained and was told I was breaking the rules also but I think Facebook is in the wrong by letting scammers run ads that are scams and let them take our money!

  14. Total scam ordered clothes dryer and got earpods,this is quite obviously a scam company not interested in trying to send you correct goods, they offered me £4 their fault and they think im going to accept, not a chance,please don’t buy anything from this company it is a total scam

  15. I bought a multi function 4 drawer and guess what i got in my mailbox it look like a soap dish. I sent a couple of email saying that what I ordered would not fit into mailbox either they send my multi function four drawer or give me my money back. They have not done neither. The are a total scam don’t buy from them. Be careful.

  16. I purchased a toolbox 799 tools – I got one 15mm spanner – sent emails but no response.
    I think I have lost my money. £24.99.
    Friends be aware!!!

    1. Exactly the same thing has happened to my father. Ordered a 799 piece tool set via their Symoner Website and also received just a 15mm spanner! Sent loads of e-mails but no response.

  17. We purchased an electric ice machine and they sent an icecube tray. I’ve had no reply nothing from them.i have five very unhappy children and no machine

  18. I’ve read all of these comments. I have to agree! I ordered via Duolingo a foldable, bluetooth keyboard and received a very cheap non folding, non bluetooth keyboard. I have sent several emails to them without a response.

    I would strongly advise anyone to steer well clear of both Beimac and Uoiye (another trading name is appears).

    The keyboard I received doesn’t fold but I really hope they do soon!!!

  19. Followed a Facebook ad for a 3-axis Gimbal for a DSLR and received a cheapo ‘selfie stick’
    Contacted PayPal, but they are about as much use as a chocolate teapot.
    Contacted my bank and they say the resolution is with PayPal…
    Emailed the address listed for the company but the address does not accept incoming mail.

    A Total SCAM..!

    Do NOT send them any money.

  20. I ordered what looks like a cleaner machine but whst arrived is a cheap in car vac not happy don’t know how to get my money back

    1. Hi,if you paid via PayPal or credit ,just send them proof of purchase, picture of what you received and email you sent to seller ref the item bought .You with receive a refund.

      I bought the spot cleaner and only got the attachment and not the machine but got full refund from Paypal including postage

  21. I haven’t bought anything but I keep seeing the advert that shows a video of a small real dog running and they want you to believe it’s a life-like toy that they will send you with the blurb you will not believe it’s not real well I don’t but some sucker will but the advert just says sponsored and appears between news items I can’t complain on the page

  22. I bought what is listed on their site and advertised on Facebook as a telescopic folding electric double air bed for £19.99 plus £6.99 postage, they sent me a blue bag with another bigger blue bag inside that has no ply and you have to wave it around to fill it up with air and then tie it with string ti hold the air in, absolutely disgusted with Facebook for running these scam adds. This is the last time I use Facebook for anything including posting or even reading other peoples nonsense !!! I have called Visa and they have a policy whereby if it is a distance seller (which these people are) and the item is not as described they will refund the whole amount including postage, but that don’t mean these people should get away with this scam !!!

  23. I ordered the Interactive Bear through Blifc, one of the companies under this umbrella. The picture showed a bear that looked to be 50-60cm tall. It closed its eyes, snored, moved its arms, drank from a cup…
    What does mine do? Eyes are fixed, arms don’t move doesn’t make any noises unless you press the voice box in its foot and it plays a rather awful version of Baby Shark over and over. It’s also only about 20cm high. Even the dog turns her nose up at it!!
    3 emails later and I’ve not heard a thing despite them promising a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.
    Don’t go near this company, avoid it like a nest of bees or you may get stung like I did!!

  24. i paid for 18v tool pack urursing another company name from them nothing received and told to make a claim to the post office to get my money back. they are total scammers i bought off facebook thinking it was safe. IT IS A SCAMMING COMPANY

  25. I ordered a christmas tree with all the fittings, but after trying to contact them I found it could be a scam and I aked for a refund and paypal refunded my money.

  26. I ordered a nutcracker. I did think it was very cheap, i have not received it as yet & am thinking ive been scammed!! Disgusting rotten pigs!!!

  27. Leggings for my wife at Christmas…Nothing…no item, no communication, nadda…. Total aholes! Never buy off facebook or Instagram EVER AGAIN! We will see if #paypal stands behind this crap.

  28. I ordered 3 watches via Instagram from this company and paid via PayPal. What arrived was not at all what was advertised and was vastly inferior and ‘not fit for purpose’.
    Tried to get a full refund but I was just strung along the whole way. Trying to deal with them by email was just a complete and utter waste of time. There appear to be 3 companies involved with a whole host of online aliases. Criminals and complete scammers. Please don’t get caught out like I did.

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