Arctic Air Grip Go Reviews (2024): My Review Of This Evaporative Cooler

Are you looking to buy the Arctic Air Grip? This portable cooler claims to be the perfect option during the summer period to beat the heat. But does it work or another disappointment?

I bought this the arctic air grip for an un-air conditioned farm truck in humid Hawaii. Here is my review after use.

What Is The Arctic Air Grip Go

Arctic air grip go is a portable rechargeable air cooler that is good for providing a refreshing breeze anytime, anywhere. It is merely a “swamp cooler” that cools the surface area where you it is placed. It comes with an instruction manual on how to use it more efficiently.

What arctic air offers

  1. It is cordless
  2. Rechargeable with up to 5 hours run time
  3. Has a hydro chill technology that cools off hot air
  4. 3 fan speed of low, meduim and high.
  5. 8 colour light options

Testing The Arctic Air Grip Go

I bought this the artic air grip for an un-air conditioned farm truck in humid Hawaii. It arrived within 5 days. It is not air conditioning, but it does keep you cooler. You can clip it on to a tractor, golf cart, work bench, a cooler on a beach or anywhere you could use an extra boost of cool. Unlike a larger evaporative cooler that can lower the temperature in a room, this device is meant to offer a cooling sensation in a small area. And it does that pretty well.

The fan is relatively quiet and even quieter in slower speeds. Feels effective even at lower speeds. This video shows the micro mister and fan at top speed.

The reservoir is small, but it lasts long enough. The reservoir door is tight, but easier to use once you open it for the first time. You can add Ice water and maybe some thin pieces of ice in the narrow opening, without it, you get warm air. Overall, this sturdy little unit is nice to have around and well worth the modest price.

Arctic Air Grip Go Pros: What I Like About It

  1. It’s protable
  2. Easy to use
  3. You can use it both indoor and outdoor
  4. It is not expensive

Arctic Air Grip Go Cons: What I Don’t Fancy

  1. The reservoir is small
  2. It does not last long
  3. Requires water to blow cool air

Does Arctic Air Grip Go Work

Yes it works. But it don’t last long, Also takes forever to charge, and then dies really fast. Aside that, This little device adds comfort in unlikely places. It can sit on a nightstand or desk, or clip on to a stroller or lawn mower handle. This mini “swamp cooler” or evaporative cooler works best in hot dry climates but don’t count them out in humid conditions. They do still provide a personal cooling sensation in humid situations as well.

Also you should know that the unit leaks especially if you don’t put it in a certain way where the water level is above the sprayers. I recommend not filling it until needed.

Where To Buy

You can buy the Arctic air grip portable cooler from Amazon, the price is $35.00.

How To Use

  1. Fill with Water: First off, fill it up with water. Just pour the water into the designated compartment.
  2. Clamp it On: Find a spot to clip or clamp the fan onto. This could be a table, desk, or any surface you want to cool.
  3. Relax: Once it’s filled with water and securely clamped, turn it on and enjoy the breeze.
  4. Recharge Battery: When the battery runs low, you can recharge it using a USB cable.
  5. Battery Life: A full charge typically lasts up to 8 hours.

Is Arctic Air Any Good: What You Must Know Before Buyig This Portable Evaporative Air Cooler

Terrible battery life

The battery life is horrible, works for about an hour and then just turns off. There should be an indicator that the battery is running low. Also you can’t charge and use it at the same time. A customer said

It’s nice for the short time it’s working, you have to charge it 10 hours so it can operate for 2 hours, and the bad part is it won’t operate while plugged up, wish I had known this before I ordered it


Leaks Water

If you tilt it even a bit Arctic Air Grip Go leaks water. But, when it’s sitting straight and turned on, it does the job really well. So, just keep it upright to avoid any leaks, and you’ll get good results.

Does Not Last

There are customer complaints online that the product does not really work as advertised. The product may work well for the 1st 30days, you’ll be lucky if it gets past that.

How Long Does Arctic Evaporative Cooler Last

There are claims this swamp cooler works for 8hours but customer complaints States otherwise. This product can only last up to 2 hours.

Can The Arctic Air Grip Go Run Without Water

No, this swamp cooler needs water to make the cool air flow. If there is no water, it will just blow warm air.


I’ve bought several portable fans trying to find one that can keep up with the heat. Until the Arctic Air, they’ve all been a disappointment. But the Arctic Air truly lives up to the description. It blows ‘COLD’ air, no matter the room temperature. The reservoir is small, but it lasts long enough and it’s easier to use once you open it for the first time.

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