App Jobz Review (2024) Legit Online Work Opportunity or Scam?

Looking for an online job this 2024? You must have heard of a website that promises up to $30 hour pay for live chat assistant. Unfortunately, it is not as genuine as it seems. It has a handful of loopholes you need to be wary of.

Overview Of

Set up in 2021, App Jobz is a job search online hub that connects employers and job seekers. It’s not the employer of labour itself, but offers a portal for employers to list job listings on there for free. Majority of the job positions often listed on the site are customer service, social media management, freelance writing, virtual assistants, sales, etc.

App Jobz also offer the following services;

  • Local job search using your location
  • Short-term gigs spanning customer service, data entry, and retail.
  • Notifications about new job postings
  • Goodie box subscription for stationery, mugs, etc.

Exposing App Jobz Shady Business Practices

Everything looks all good when you sign up on, however they’re not clear about their policies. They claim you can earn $30 hourly as a live chat assistant but YOU are made to pay $99 first. The $99 is actually for a course not for a job opportunity. Even after completing the course, there’s no guarantee of getting the so called job.

On TrustPilot, a user has gone ahead to leave a review calling the site ‘a scam’.

App Jobz Pros

  1. Quite easy to sign up
  2. User friendly website
  3. Has been operating for a long time


  1. Very few job options
  2. You’ve to complete a course first.
  3. Complaints of scam from users

Do People Really Get Jobs on App Jobz?

From user reviews, there are few positive outcomes from job posting on App Jobz. Success stories seem few and far between.

Does App Jobz Verify Employers’ Backgrounds?

No, They do not check the backgrounds of employers. They don’t independently confirm details about companies or screen employers.

Can You Really Trust Jobs Listed on

Figuring out if the jobs on App Jobz are legit is tough. The platform doesn’t provide strong tools to check if the job postings and companies are real.


While App Jobz appears legitimate, it has a handful of loopholes that shouldn’t be ignored. The lack of history, very few postive experiences, and some questionable practices raise concerns.

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