Stay Away From Anglian Windows: They’re Not Honest

If you want a badly designed and poorly installed conservatory that leaks all the time, Anglian windows is the company for you. At first, they sell you a dream. The sales team is polite and professional, but they were late for the quote and didn’t apologize. After that, there were many red flags: a bland survey, communication full of lies, and broken promises. Lots of our readers have reached out to us concerning the services of this company and we had to check it out ourselves.

Anglian Windows
Anglian Windows

A Look At Anglian Windows is a company that offers window and glazing services. Anglian Windows offers a variety of window types, including casement, bay, flush, cottage, sash, and tilt-and-turn windows. They come in uPVC, timber, and aluminium, with options for different colors and shapes. You can customize the number of panes and even add decorative glass designs.

My Experience with Anglian Windows

It started with the salesman who said we couldn’t have bi-folding doors or a radiator. We stupidly believed him and went ahead with the order. On 06/02/2024, I placed an order and paid a deposit, with the promise of early installation within 6-8 weeks for an extra discount. They insisted I sign on the spot—so much for the hard sell being dead. I had to chase them to arrange the survey, which finally happened on 28/03/2024. Since then, I’ve been waiting for a revised quote that was supposed to be ready in a few days.

Despite my follow-ups, they kept asking for information I had already given and still no formal response about the quote. The poor communication and constant need to chase them for updates is incredibly frustrating and unprofessional. I recommend avoiding this company and any others they own.

What Does Their Warranty Look Like

This company does not honor their warranty. The guarantee given at purchase is worthless. We had to replace a faulty glazing unit at our own expense. The claims process is a joke. Avoid this company.

Warning About Anglian Home Windows

Before hiring Anglian Home Improvements, check out the Facebook page “Anglian Home Improvements Dissatisfied Customers.” Over 6,300 people share their experiences, warning against this company. They report that the products are poor quality, the fitters are terrible, and customer service is non-existent. The warranty is useless, and the company frequently breaks building regulations. Despite these issues, FENSA allows them to self-certify. Save yourself the trouble and stay away—better yet, run in the opposite direction.

They have pretty doors but bad customer service. Do not use this company, not only are their services unreliable but they are a joke too.

What People Are Saying About Anglian Windows

One customer had Anglian windows fit 4 small and 4 regular windows plus 2 plastic doors, costing a total of £11,800. It took 2 years from start to finish, and they wouldn’t recommend the company, calling them “cowboys.”

Another customer ordered windows in March but hasn’t received any updates since a surveyor visited in April. Despite numerous emails and calls, they’ve had no response and ended up with poorly fitting secondary double glazing that steams up in cold weather. They describe the customer service as terrible, with no one willing to talk to them.


Forget big name brands. Find a local company with a good reputation, ideally family-run. Check sites like Checkatrade and AstraSeal. They will appreciate your business and don’t need to charge a lot to cover high sales commissions and advertising costs.

Final Words

Stay away from this company. What they do is give you a quote, then keep contacting you to lower the price. After your survey, they send a letter asking for more money for things that should have been included. When you try to understand why, the surveyor and the regional sales manager give different reasons. Their prices seem made up. Find a local, reputable company with clear standards. Avoid this company, or you will regret it. Anglia were chosen because of their perceived professionalism but we have found their after sales service totally unacceptable.

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