American Express Fraud Class Action Lawsuit: Is It A Scam?

Did you receive the American Express Fraud Class Action Lawsuit? It’s not a scam.

According to a recent lawsuit, American Express didn’t keep its promise to safeguard prepaid debit accounts from fraudulent transactions, claims plaintiff Tanika McQueen. She used Jackson Hewitt’s tax prep services in 2022 and got a prepaid Serve debit card with her tax refunds.

Who Is Behind The American Express Fraud Class Action Lawsuit

Tanika McQueen filed a class action lawsuit against American Express because they allegedly didn’t keep their word about protecting against fraudulent transactions on Serve prepaid debit card accounts.

Tanika McQueen got an email saying her prepaid debit account had over $3,000, but when she tried to access it, she found the account empty. According to the lawsuit, someone withdrew about $2,930 from her account in small ATM transactions at a CVS in Brooklyn, NY. McQueen claims she didn’t lose her card, share her PIN, or make any transactions in Brooklyn.

How Much Is The Settlement

There is no settlement amount for now.

McQueen filed the lawsuit to represent people across the US whose Serve bank accounts were charged for transactions without their permission in the last year. She also wants to represent a group in New Jersey who faced unauthorized transactions in the last six years.


Tanika McQueen v. American Express Travel Related Services Co. Inc., Case No. 2:24-cv-00862 is not a scam. Just like CFPB Discrimination $6M Settlement, McQueen filed the lawsuit to represent people across the US.

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