Advocate Aurora Settlement: Scam Or Legit? Read This First

Did you receive the Advocate Aurora Settlement email? It is not a scam. You received the mail because you filed a claim.

Advocate Aurora Health has decided to settle a class action lawsuit. Why, you ask? Well, it all started with some not-so-great news – they were caught in the act of sharing patient info with third parties through some fancy tracking tech.

Who Is Eligible for the Advocate Aurora Settlement

It all comes down to who might have been affected by Advocate Aurora Health’s use of those tracking technologies like Google Analytics and Meta Pixel. Also, These tools were like digital detectives, snooping around the Advocate Aurora Health website, patient portal, and scheduling app to see what folks were up to. The goal was to learn more about what patients wanted and improve their services.

But here’s the deal: Advocate Aurora Health has since kicked these tracking codes to the curb. However, They realized that some sensitive info might have ended up in the hands of those third parties, which wasn’t cool at all. So, they decided to do the right thing and let around 3 million people know that their private info might have been exposed.

Advocate Aurora Health was actually one of the early birds in the healthcare world to report a data breach linked to those sneaky Pixels. They spilled the beans to the HHS’ Office for Civil Rights and also did the right thing by letting their patients know about the unauthorized sharing of their health info with these third parties.

How Much Is The Settlement

The settlement amount is $12.25 million. Now, lawyers are a part of the picture too, and they’ll be taking about 35% of it, to be exact. Then, there are the class representatives, and they’re getting a little bonus of $3,500 each as a “thank you” for leading the charge.

The rest of that $12.25 million? Well, that’s going to be divvied up among the class members, depending on their claims.

How To File A Claim

If you are eligible, fill out a claim form here

If your information got caught up in those tracking codes between October 24, 2017, and October 22, 2022.

Then you can file a claim to get your share of the settlement.


In Re Advocate Aurora Health Pixel Litigation is not a scam just like Paysafe data breach settlement.

Advocate Aurora Health was an early bird in healthcare, reporting a data breach involving those sneaky Pixels. They ‘fessed up to the HHS’ Office for Civil Rights and gave patients the heads-up about their health info.

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