ZENB Pasta Reviews: Is This Pasta of Great Taste? Find Out!

Do you want to buy ZENB Pasta? Are you wondering if it’s of great taste and worth your money? Go through this honest review and find out everything you need to know about this Pasta.

About ZENB Pasta

ZENB Pasta is 100% plant based which allows you to enjoy nutrient from more parts of the legumes, no wheat and high in protein. A low calorie pasta. It is 100% yellow pea. It takes the traditional shape of penne pasta

The pasta is cut with precision and in such a way that it reduces its cook time to just 3 minutes. One of the most exciting things about pasta is the variety of shapes it comes in. Long, thin noodles, angled cuts, circular tubes…the list goes on and each one brings with it its own unique experience.

However you use it, you’ll get 17 grams of protein and 11 grams of fiber in each 3 oz serving.

Is ZENB Pasta Genuine?

We are still skeptical about the quality of this Pasta as there are both positive and negative reviews on Trustpilot about it from customers.

This are what some customers have to say-

My wife wants to eat gluten free as a lifestyle choice and we have struggled to find a decent pasta without gluten. We have tried Zenb pasta and it is really good, doesn’t stick together as much as other gluten free pasta and tastes great. Well done Zenb on an excellent productr fan you love everything about it!

David Clinton

Veggie and Fruit bites are a very light 45 g ‘snack’ just slightly better tasting than wet cardboard, contained in a non-recyclable plastic container that was impossible to open without sharp tools. Very expensive and poor value even with 40% discount.

Mick Mchugh

Rather disappointing, if you are looking for an alternative that doesn’t smell so bad , look for spelt pasta

I mean, it’s ok, it doesn’t smell great, but the worse is the the wind afterwards ahah, seriously not easy to digest

Never mind , experiment failed

Alex nonofyourbusiness

Claimed Features Of ZENB Pasta

  • 100% plant based
  • No artificial flavors, colors and preservative
  • it’s 100% yellow pea
  • It takes the traditional shape of penne pasta


  • It contains low calorie and low carb
  • There are some positive reviews online about the pasta
  • No wheat and high in protein.
  • Great alternative to other regular pasta.


  • There are some negative reviews online about this pasta
  • Way much expensive
  • Some customers complain of weird flavor and smell


From all indications, ZENB pasta has both negative and positive reviews online. It is not all genuine as it claims. Therefore, we advise customers to take caution before buying this T-shirt.

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