Wise I88-890 Charge On Truist Credit Card {2023} Read This!

There is an ongoing Wise I88-890 Charge On Truist Credit Card whereby suspicious and unauthorized Wise 188-890 charges on Truist credit cards and bank statements have been received from different users. Beware! The text contains a malicious link that aims to steal your personal and financial information.

Currently, more than hundred people have complained of having this Wise I88-890 Charge On Truist Credit Card this February 2023.

Phishing Scams

Wise I88-890 Charge On Truist Credit Card – How does it work?

It is a means that scammers use to defraud unsuspecting individuals. The fraudsters frequently conduct a small dollar transaction to see if a card is active before hitting it for a larger sum or they begin selling the numbers on the black market after receiving approval. Minor unauthorized purchases are frequently an indication that the card has been compromised, so you should lock your card right away.

Unfortunately, Truist has yet to acknowledge the issue that has affected a large number of people in the last 7 days

Meanwhile, some individuals that have fallen victims for this scam left some reviews on Reddit narrating how they where scammed. See reviews below –

Charges from somehting called “Wise” on my bank.

Hi all. I just did a quick visual sweep of my transactions on my bank. I noticed two charges by the name of “WISE 188-890”, one for $105.35 and one for $42.30. No additional information included. After cancelling my card (Which I only received less than a week ago!) I looked into it and discovered it is some sort of wire transferring service. How did this happen? I have given my card details to no-one. Any help in this matter would be appreciated.

Posted byu/Comfortable-Sun4997
8 days ago

Ways You Can Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Credit Card

  • Review statements regularly.
  • Check your credit report.
  • Enroll in credit monitoring.
  • Secure your physical cards.
  • Watch out for phone scams.

Steps To Take If You Have Fallen Victim Of Wise I88-890 Charge On Truist Credit Card

  • Notify Your Credit Card Issuer
  • Place a Fraud Alert on Your Credit Report
  • Report the Credit Card Fraud to Law Enforcement
  • Contact the Credit Bureaus

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