Reviews: Is Vulosa Scam Jewelry Store Ripping Off Buyers?

Did you stumble on Vulosa online? Would you really receive the jewelries or is Vulosa an untrustworthy jewelry store? Read this review to find out!

Vulosa online store which is located at is selling jewelries like rings, pendants, bracelets, etc. The store has been operating since mid 2022, and has a wide collection of jewelries which caught my eyes.

Things You Should Know Before Shopping From

First of all, the store does not provide its business address or warehouse address. As a customer, the only way to know where your order is coming from is after placing the order. While this doesn’t make the online store bad, it’s actually something to be looked into. Heck, I want to know where my order is coming from.

Secondly, there’s been a couple of discount codes flying here and there on TikTok, allegedly from an ex employee. According to the post on TikTok, the jewelry is free, you only need to pay for shipping. Sounds interesting right? However, I’m pretty much skeptical of free items. In fact, I’ve been burnt a couple of times (see my review of I Spy free jewelry here)

However, the company reached out to us telling us they are not aware of the discount codes circling social media platforms. They also said they’ll internally be handling the circulation of these discount codes.

Thirdly, there’s no phone number available on the store. The only means with which customers can reach the store is via the email address ‘[email protected].’.This doesn’t look good at all. Especially as the store is not even available on social media.

Is a Scam?

Vulosa Jewelry is not a scam, however the store has a couple of drawbacks that should be looked into. The absence of contact address, telephone number and active social media page is quite worrying.


Vulosa which is located at is not a scam jewelry store. If you’ve stumbled on any discount code on social media treat it with caution as it might be coming from the company or not.

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    Dear SabiReviews –

    I am writing from the internal law department at Vulosa. It has come to our attention that you have made a defamatory and false statement about Vulosa. The following false statement was made:

    This statement was published to your Website, and is willfully misleading and without merit because Vulosa was not aware of the discount codes circling social media platforms. We here at Vulosa will internally be handling the circulation of these discount codes.

    The false statements that you made is reckless and highly defamatory, and has caused Vulosa to suffer economic harm, repetitional harm, and harm to our business.

    I hereby demand that you immediately cease and desist from making any and all false and defamatory statements against Vulosa.

    If these statements are not removed within 24 hours, we will immediately be moving forward with legal action.

    Thank you.
    Internal Law @ Vulosa

    1. And that’s funny because I have a email confirming that you know about these codes and that you’re still going to fulfill the order

      1. Fraud….they will not uphold their sale discounts. After finally contacting their “support” emails multiple times I received the product. They had the audacity to send me children size bracelets made from China. I looked up lot number that the plastic had marked and it’s the products of Amazon for bulk jewelry. This averaged $1.10 per item. I found another website who sales the same product/lot number…AliExpress which is cheaper than Amazon price. Both brackets were over $145 each. I ordered 2. WTH? Shame on them and they need to be shut down!

    2. Lol it’s the internet and it’s a review. You can’t give a cease and desist over an open forum review, dumba$$ corporations are such whiny entitled little snowflakes these days. I remember when mcdonalds would sell coffee so hot it caused sue able 3rd degree burns and when people complained they said f*** off, and here you are whining and crying over a review…

    3. My favorite part of this is that in order to be a legally recognized Cease and Desist you needed to include your full name, the company and how you are authorized to represent them, FULL contact information (both for yourself and the company), and a reasonable time limit (10-15 days; not hours). Otherwise, you could potentially be countersued for extortion and intimidation via threatened force.

      So, don’t be silly. You’re a drop shipper with a killer marketing strategy. Best to stay quiet and keep to your business model. luckily, for you, we live in a capitalist society that allowed for you to exist in the first place. So stop trying to strong arm someone with empty threats because your feelings got hurt.

    4. “Internal Law” now that is funny AF! You are in fact a lone POS scammer loser sitting in your crappy apartment in Jamaica NY. You are selling FAKE, cheap ass jewelry you bought from Alibaba for .20 cents a piece and listing it as real genuine stainless or sterling silver or gold with real gems etc. When in fact all you are shipping is junk costume jewelry that will turn your skin green the moment you wear it. Your threats of legal action for defamatory statements/reviews are more of a laughable joke than you are! FACTS are NOT defamation! You are a CRIMINAL! So just sit back and wait for what’s coming to you! I hope you have enough bail money cuz your sorry ass is gonna need it.

  2. I ordered from them and the jewelry is fake and not worth it. With and or with out the discount code. I would and will never buy from them again or promote them.

    Scam! Do not buy if you want real jewelry.

    1. Thank you! This is the review/informative i was looking for! My grandmother used to say: “if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is”. The world sure could learn something from her generation!

    2. I used one of those codes from Tik Tok. I got an email from tour comapny saying you were aware of the codes. It worked. I only ordered 3 pieces on January 3rd, 2023. As of January 26th. I have only received 1 necklace. It came from China. Packaged in a cheap, small plastic bag and small envelope. For a company that is charging so much for their items, it put up red flags immediately. The quality is no different than the $15 necklaces I have bought off Amazon or elsewhere that were made cheaply in China. Definitely not worth the money in my opinion.

  3. I got my jewelry after a month. I bought two necklaces, one of which came broken, and the other so tangled that if I pulled it apart I’d likely break it. $24 for necklaces I’m about to chuck in the garbage. I too got the discount code but still paid $12 for each necklace’s shipping. That should have been a tip-off right there. In my opinion: Don’t buy from them!

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