Reviews: Is Viking Pride Jewelry for $1 Scam?

Thinking of ordering rings or pendants from Would you really receive this jewelries for just $1? or is it a disguised scam? Read this review to find out!

Viking Pride online store which is located at is selling stainless steel jewelries like rings, pendants, bracelets, etc. for $1. The website urges customers to get 6 items per order, due to limited stock. This offer however does not look real or legit. See the reasons below why you should exercise caution when shopping from;

Things You Should Know Before Shopping From

First of all, there’s something suspicious about the website. We noticed the jewelries listed on the site are not unique. In fact, they were gotten from a website which they spoofed its name- ‘VIKINGS PRIDE’ which is located at Customers would likely receive cheap imitations.

Secondly, the lack of concrete information on the website is a major red flag. There’s no phone number or contact address available on the store. Also, the only means with which customers can reach the store is via the email address ‘[email protected]’. This doesn’t look good at all. Especially as the store is not even available on social media.

Thirdly, the homepage claims the sales end today, however that $1 sale has been ongoing for more than one day. Could it be just a sales gimmick? Meanwhile, according to (a domain checker tool) started operating in 12th May 2022

Is a Scam?

Viking Pride Jewelry is not out rightly a scam, however it operates in such a way that is dubious. The jewelries are not really for $1 each, in reality you’d be made to pay exorbitant shipping fees. The cost of shipping actually covers the price of the jewelries, so in the end customers are paying more for the allegedly $1 rings and pendants. Meanwhile, the quality of the jewelries are questionable.

Conclusion: jewelries is not for $1 as claimed. Customers have to pay exorbitant shipping fees which in reality covers the price of 5 nordic jewelries of the quality. The ‘discount offer’ is a sales tactic often used by some businesses. It is used to increase sales and create brand awareness. In the end, the offer is not free. Meanwhile, see similar discount offer that turned out to be a scam.

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