Ruvio Vacuum Reviews: Scam Cordless Vacuum? Don’t Buy Before Reading This!

Does Ruvio Vacuum really work? Is It worth buying? This Review answers your questions. Don’t hesitate to read this review or you’ll miss out details about this product.

Ruvio is a cordless vacuum that is available for sale on It is a compact, ultralight, handheld vacuum that saves you the stress of bulky vacuum cleaners. You can use it around your home or office, for floor cleaning and tight spots cleaning. It gets rid of seeds, cereals, pet hair, dirt and grime. Meanwhile, aside from home and office use, Ruvio cordless vacuum can also be used in cleaning the insides of a car!

Ruvio Cordless Vacuum – Does It Really Work for all Kinds of Cleaning?

We can’t really say if Ruvio Vacuum really works as efficiently as claimed as there no costumer reviews online yet. However, we’ve seen similar lightweight vacuum doing similar tasks. For a four times payment of $29.95, it means the full price should be around $120.

As a $120 cordless vacuum, Ruvio falls in the same range of Whall Cordless Vacuum and Levoit Cordless Vacuum which have 4 star ratings on Amazon. Users shouldn’t expect less.


  • Compact, Cordless, Handheld Design
  • Designed for Tight Household Spots
  • High-Speed, High-Powered Motor
  • 2-Stage HEPA Certified Filtration System
  • One-Click Quick Release Dust Container
  • Powerful 2200 may lithium-ion Battery

Things You Should Consider Before Buying Ruvio Vacuum

Might Not Work as Advertised

There is a possibility that Ruvio might not do all it claims to do. First of all, a lightweight vacuum can’t do heavy cleaning. Cordless Vacuums have a much smaller capacity for collecting dirt which can be as little as 0.5kg. This is much less than corded vacuums meaning that you will be required to empty the bin much more often. 

Delayed Shipping and Delivery

Prolonged delivery of order is another major complaint. In fact, 80% of Costumers would have to wait for almost a month after placing their order before it finally arrives. This is common with new product, as there’d be a long waitlist of orders.

Additional Payment

Aside from the 4 times payment of  $29.95, customers will have to pay an additional $19.95 to receive the Accessory Pack. It’d have been better if the vacuum cleaner comes with the kit without any other attached fee.


Ruvio Vacuum is a viral cordless Vacuum that claims to work for all kinds of cleaning. However, there’s a possibility of it having a weak suction. Buyers shouldn’t have very high expectations when ordering for Ruvio cordless vacuum.

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  1. I was thinking of purchasing your Ruvio vacuum cleaner but since there are currently no reviews on it I will not consider buying it at this time. Then it says that it may not meet our expectations and the suction power is being over-rated, is another reason not to buy it! I’ll wait till I see any online reviews to consider buying it. I do not believe that suction of that small vac can lift a 10 pound bowling ball. That too skeptical to believe. Sorry, I give it a zero star review!

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