Is Free Sunglasses Real or Scam?

Thinking of ordering sunglasses from Would you really receive this sunglasses for free? or is it a disguised scam? Read this review to find out!

Plush online store which is located at is selling sunglasses for $0. The website urges customers to get any 3 pair of sunglasses for free in the next 24 hours. This offer however does not look real or legit. See the reasons below why you should exercise caution when shopping from;

Things You Should Know Before Shopping From

First of all, there’s something suspicious about the website. The About US details claims the brand was set up in 2018 but this is actually false. According to (a domain checker tool) started operating in 30th April 2022.

Secondly, the lack of concrete information on the website is a major red flag. There’s no phone number or contact address available on the store. Also, the only means with which customers can reach the store is via the email address ‘[email protected]’. This doesn’t look good at all. Especially as the store is not even available on social media.

Is a Scam?

Plushframes com is not out rightly a scam, however it operates in such a way that is dubious. The sunglasses are not really free, in reality you’d be made to pay exorbitant shipping fees. The cost of shipping actually covers the price of the sunglasses, so in the end customers are paying for the allegedly ‘free’ glasses. Meanwhile, the quality of the sunglasses are questionable.

Conclusion: sunglasses is not free as claimed. Customers have to pay exorbitant shipping fees which in reality covers the price of 5 sunglasses of the quality. The ‘free offer’ is a sales tactic often used by some businesses. It is used to increase sales and create brand awareness. In the end, the offer is not free.


  1. I’m waiting to see if it’s legit, I picked three sunglasses and it cost me 9.70 shipping. I’ll update if I ever get them

  2. I also ordered 3 sunglasses for 8.67 shipping and I received an email stating that they’re on the way but there hasn’t been any updates with my UPS tracking number. Shipped out on May 30th and I’m still waiting and it’s June 14th. I hope I didn’t get scammed.

  3. Same. I ordered them more than a month ago and on the UPS shipping site it still says “Label Created” just like on the day i ordered them. I feel like this whole things a scam.

  4. Exact same story as you guys.
    Paid 9 and ordered 21/05. Haven’t received anything. Only a ups email that my package was delivered, when it’s not. If I follow the tracking number it’s still in Canada. And it has been there since my order.

  5. J’ai aussi commander 3 paire de lunette mais en lisant vos commentaires je me dit que je me suis peut-être fait arnaquer est ce que quelqu’un a reçu les lunettes ?

  6. Just seen the 24hr thing is on the website, however I am unsure whether I should order. Please lmk If you have received the glasses. Thank you

  7. Its a scam, I have the same story as most of you, bought it and paid like 12$ for the shipping, and never got anything, they just create a label and give you a tracking number but they never actually send the glasses.
    The store claims to have started on 2018, but the instagram all pictures were posted on the 9th of may 2022.
    All comments are deleted, and no contact information at all. Just report the instagram.

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