InvestoTrades Review (2020 Updated: Scam Alert!!!

InvestoTrades is what you would call an insult to legit forex brokers, and even some scam brokers too. isn’t even a well organised scam. Read this review to find out why it is so.

When investing in forex, of course you would want to make profit. Bearing that in mind, one of the most important things to consider is trading with the right forex brokers. Our job here is to review these so-called broker websites and help you tell legit from deceit. The following review will tell you all you need to know about Bleaxmond brokers.

About InvestoTrades Brokers doesn’t really let off much about themselves, like a parent company for example. But for the sake of this review, we acknowledge them as a brokerage company located in New York, USA. Their location was found, however on the contact info section of their website. The claim to be certified under U.S. binary kind, being one of the best in the business.

The InvestoTrades brokers website however, lacks information concerning their leverage value, spread and other trading conditions. But they do not shy away from giving us info such as “Our major objective is to eradicate poverty and bad governance, in terms of circulation of funds to the society (civil and non-civil workers)”. It’s a bit disappointing, knowing brokers should know which information takes priority.

Why You Should Be Wary of

InvestoTrades brokers have more than just a few shady things about them. However, here are the 3 major red flags that should warn to stay away.

InvestoTrades Withdrawal and Deposit was generous enough to let us have bits of information concerning their deposit and withdrawal policy. They offer three plans; the bronze, the silver and the gold. The bronze, obviously, has the minimum deposit of $500. This is an outrageous amount, to be clear, compared to the $100 minimum deposit requested by most legit brokers.

The other thing that is mentioned is the minimum withdrawal amount which is a very funny $7,500. Without dwelling too much on that minimum withdrawal, we go on to point out that the other deposit and withdrawal conditions are not mentioned. Withdrawal fees, account dormancy fees, etc.,are not mentioned. It gives us a lot to think about on InvestoTrades brokers. Trading Platform

Another thing propably forgot to provide for clients on their website would be an actual trading platform. The closest thing to a trading platform on their site is a chart provided by a third party site (not even designed by Investo Trades).

Given these conditions, we can safely assume that has no trading platform. A common problem with scam broker websites.

InvestoTrades Licensing and Regulation

Given the conditions above, it is obvious that no self-respecting agency would register or regulate a sham like what we’ve seen in However, for the sake of being professional, we checked with the CFTC and failed to find InvestoTrades in their registry.

InvestoTrades is an unlicensed broker. It is an illegal broker and should not exist.

InvestoTrades Review Conclusion: Is a Scam?

Yes. is a huge scam. They are not regulated by any financial regulatory agency at all. They are illegal and you investing with them would make them free to do with it as they please. We would not advise you to bet your funds on an illegal broker’s integrity. We always recommend you find a licensed broker, regulated by a reputable agency to trade with. Avoid illicit brokers such as

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