Is Scam Website to get Stock Predictions?

Are you contemplating buying power gauge report from Is stocks prediction legit or scam? read this review to find out!

What Is

It is a website that talks about the predictions of the Man Who Predicted 2020 Crash. The man whose name is Marc Chaikin is currently warning of a Huge Event in 2022. According to him, a strange day is coming to America… a massive and surprising new transition that could determine the next group of millionaires.

The aim of the website is to sell you the Power Gauge Report stock course which allegedly allows you to type in any of 4,000 tickers to see which stocks could soon double. Gives you access to a model portfolio of the top 5 stocks to buy, and the top 4 stocks to buy now and comfortably hold for the long run. Sounds interesting right?

Well, don’t be in a haste to make the purchase, there are some inconsistencies about the website, the creator, and the course itself.

Is Scam Predictions?

It’s not a scam perse. You can make money with it, but it’s definitely not as easy as Marc Chaikin makes it sound. With any kind of financial product (especially trading), you’re taking on a lot of risk. Meanwhile, the marketing behind the course is aggressive and repulsive. The claim that ‘for only $5000 you too can get $18000 worth of stuff and for 30 days’ is too good to be true.

Meanwhile, no credible study has ever shown that anybody or any system can predict the market reliably over the short or even medium term, so don’t be fooled. Anybody who claims to be able to “see the future” is obviously a charlatan and is not to be taken seriously by reasonable people.


Angrysandy located at is a viral website that offers stock & market predictions. However, like many stock system, the predictions are not often accurate.


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