Is DMS Payments Legit or Scam Debt Collector? Honest Review

Have you received a call or voicemail from  Debt Management Service Payments about a debt? Don’t Panic! Hundreds of people have reported this annoying text messages, phone calls and voice text messages from Read this review to find out what you should do!

DMS Payments : What Is It?

DMS Payments aka Debt Management Service Payments located at is a debt collection company that allegedly helps people resolve debts. They claim to collect debt for individuals and corporate bodies. Sadly, lots of people have complained of being wrongly accused of owing debts. They receive messages, phone calls, and voice mails which are often threatening.

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The caller calls himself Philip, sometimes Christopher.

Is DMS Payments a Scam Debt Collector?

From my investigations, DMS Payments is far from being legitimate. Reviews and complaints online point to the fact the company appears shady. First of all, the website lacks tangible information about who they are and were they are based. Secondly, the website shares same modus operandi with debt collection company ‘ASG Recovers‘ and KBS Collect that have been fined and ordered to cease and desist in California.

Meanwhile, (a domain checker tool) shows the website ‘’ was registered on October 2022. This shows DMS Payments is new in the business and an offshoot of ASG Recovers & KBS Collect. See what an investigative reporter has to say –

 This is a scam phantom debt collection racket. Formerly SMITH GREGORY then ASG RECOVERS then KBS COLLECT then CAROLINA DEBT SOLUTIONS then APEX DEBT SOLUTIONS They are even using the same recycled phone numbers. Do your research. They are fraudsters and scammers. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY!


Received a Call or Voicemail From DMS Payments? Do This

If you’ve received a call, text message or voice mail from Philip or Christopher of DMS Payments, you should do the following –

  • Find out if the amount of the loan corresponds with what you owe (if you really owe the company)
  • Contact the original loan provider if you know you owe the amount, then negotiate a payment plan.
  • If you’ve never heard about the supposed company you’re owing, clearly let DMS Payments know you don’t owe such debt.
  • Submit a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission  or you can contact your state Attorney General’s office .

How to Spot a Scam Debt Collector This 2022

Below are how to know the difference between a legit debt collector and a fake one-

  • They withhold information from you
  • Pressures you to pay by money transfer or card
  • Threatens you with jail time
  • You don’t recognize the debt they claim you owe
  • Calls you at inconvenient times


From all indications, DMS Payments at is not a genuine debt collector. Lots of people have complained of being threatened over non existent debts through calls and voicemails. The aliases use during calls are Philip and Christopher.

No matter how convincing they may sound, we advise you not to send money or personal information to them until you’ve verified the debt and seen it is real.

You can send us a mail if you’re in doubt of similar mails in the future!

Phishing scams are on the increase daily, and we’ve been able to fish similar phishing scams like – EireVerify, Svieducation scam, Vince Camuto email scam, NYSDOL scam, USPS scam, to mention but few.


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