Is Best Buy Password Reset Email Scam or Legit? Find Out!

Have you received an email from Best Buy about password reset? Does it contain a suspicious link? Beware! the best buy password reset email scam is an ongoing scam targeting lots of people. Read this review to find out how the scam works and how to avoid being scammed.


What is the Best Buy Password Reset Email Scam all about?

It’s an email that claims your Best Buy password has been compromised and you should click on a link to reset it. However, it is a scam. When you visit the link attached to the email you will be made to provide your personal and financial information.

This is where the scam comes in.

When you provide your credit card information, these scammers will delete every dime you have in your bank account. This is because they’re not the legit Best Buy company.

Meanwhile visiting the link attached to the text, can also expose your phone to malware.

Why It’s a Scam

  • The link attached to the message isn’t that of the official BestBuy website which is
  • It uses tinyurl.5ru, a known problematic link shortener which often directs to malicious websites

Meanwhile, if you don’t have a Best Buy account but received the Best Buy Reset Password email, it simply means –

  • Someone had made a account with your email and forget the password.
  • Scammers are trying emails they acquire through data breach on various websites to see if the owner has accounts.

Meanwhile, if you’ve already clicked on the link you should Install an anti-phishing software. This will scan your device and protect it from any virus attack.

What Should You Do If You Receive Phishing Texts Like This

No matter how convincing it sounds, you shouldn’t visit the link or links attached to such messages/mails or send your personal information.

The first thing you should do is ignore such messages, and look for reviews online about it.

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